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Merry Christmas Anyways

I wonder if anybody has noticed that I have not posted since Sunday.  I have no valid excuse.  I have a few lame ones but I am loathe to share them, largely because my mother reads this blog and I don’t want her to worry.  Ooh, too late now, unless I delete this paragraph.

I can’t do that.  I haven’t posted for three days; I can’t get the type-it-in-backspace-it-out disease now.

However, it seems I can possibly get the hit-Save-but-don’t-Publish-it disease.  I confess to having a few atrophied partial posts floating in my Drafts.  Every so often I pull one out and try to finish it.  No luck so far.

So basically, what I am offering today is Yet Another Post About Being Unable To Make A Decent Blog Post.  Could that possibly be worth a three day wait?  You tell me.

The main reason I have not been able to post is my ongoing struggles with depression.  I dislike mentioning it, because I do not want to be whining, especially as I feel my problems are far less than what others deal with.  Incidentally,  the latter reflection makes me feel even worse.  What an ungrateful wretch am I!

However, perhaps other readers also suffer from depression, and they might like to feel that they are not alone.  They may even get a frisson of superiority if they are dealing with their problems with greater aplomb than I can muster.  Remember: no life is wasted, because one can always stand as a bad example.

In summary:  I have not been posting lately, because I have felt paralyzed by my depression.  However, it is nothing for anybody to worry about, should anybody feel so inclined.  This will probably just morph over into a common or garden post-Christmas letdown. I have survived those before.

On the brighter side (see, I can usually find one of those), once I hit Publish,  I have finally made a blog post.  Phew!  I was getting worried that not posting was going to become a habit.



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  1. Merry Christmas! Family and friends make the best presents, so thank you! Hope you feel better. I’ll get you a letter soon. Take care and much love,debbie

  2. Thank you for sharing ❤️ I too follow “Polly Anna’s” lead when it comes to looking at the bright side as often as possible. I stay busy with the things that I love to do. It is when All of my surroundings get Muddled together and messy To the point that I have to put my blinders on… That I lay in a state of depression. Beginning with organizing one little corner of a room can’t even help me. Be well Cindy 🍀🍀

    • Thanks. Sometimes I can’t even make myself do things I like to do, like write a blog post. I just keep trying to do a little something, like go running or make Christmas treats. But sometimes you just have to feel that way till you don’t feel that way any more. You be well too!

  3. I go through those bouts of depression, too. I try to remind myself that all things change eventually. I also find it is almost better to let myself feel what I am feeling and not try too hard to change it. The harder I try, the worse it is. Our bodies go through high and low biorhythm days and that is just how it is. I do hope tomorrow you feel lighter and brighter!

    • Thanks! My day hasn’t been too bad. It helped that I was back at work where it was perfectly acceptable not to be jolly! You are so right about not trying to change what you’re feeling. When I try to tell myself, “Be happy!” it usually has the opposite effect.


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