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Who me? Tipsy on a Saturday Night?

We had a fun afternoon and I do not know if I can manage a plot post about it.  Yet I took a few pictures so think I can include a couple of those,

Two of my favorite people toasting.

We began our oblations at the Irish Cultural Center in Utica, .NY.  it was an awesome setting!  We walked down  Varick Street looking for more. I paused first in hopes of getting an outside picture of the center.

I couldn’t get back far enough to get the full picture.

We went back down Varick Street in search of another drink.

We enjoyed another drink here here.

We stopped at Nail Creek Pub and Brewery, but did not ask many questions about it.

Looks like a pretty fun place.

Here is a shot from the Celtic Harp, where we stopped for just one more. It was a wonderfully fun Saturday afternoon, and now I am making a blog post about it. I would like to get back to enjoying my Saturday.  Thank you all for tuning in.

Oh dear, I see I am not up to 200 words.  Could I perhaps offer another photo…

Nice people!

Here is a picture of Nail Creek Pub and Brewery.  I got the names of the sweet couple in the foreground but alas do not have it handy. That’s OK,  I will share them and their names later.  In the meantime, I will call this my Shattered Saturday post for the week, and get back to enjoying my weekend!



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