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Whatnot Walk?

Here is a new feature I am stealing from another blogger: Whatnot Wednesday.  Biff Sock Pow, a blog I follow, published a hilarious post today, titled Whatnot Wednesday: Intense Consecration.  Then he said we can play along:  make a blog post, tag it #WhattnotWednesday, link back to his post, share our link in his post.  I felt inspired to play along but could not think of what to make my post about.  Then I remembered I did not use all the pictures I took for yesterday’s post.  That’s pretty whatnot, isn’t it?

The water doesn’t really look like water, does it?

Yesterday I was writing about a walk I took.  I left off with some daffodils.  Next I walked over to the high school, which was right across the street.  Running along one side of the parking lot and behind the school is a stream.  I tried to get a good picture.

It was more picturesque before they added all the chain link, but safety first.

I often run over the little bridge behind the school.  I stopped doing that over the winter, because of course it froze more readily than the ground.  These days it is just fine for running purposes.

Kind of the view from the bridge.

It was not so easy taking a picture from the bridge, because of the chain link fence.  I was not able to get the angle I wanted.

Do you know what it is? I don’t.

I noticed the above machine on yesterday’s run, in the athletic fields behind the school.  It was almost as big a draw for me to photograph as the daffodils.  I’m hoping someone will tell me what it is.

Well, I think this is definitely better than a Wuss-out Wednesday post.  Any thoughts?



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  1. Always enjoy your pictures!

  2. Tell us what the machine is if you find out.


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