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My Beautiful Bouquet

I love flowers.  To me they are a never-failing source of beauty and joy.  I found a lovely source of such beauty and joy at House Flower Farm in Little Falls.

I can’t remember if it was I Spy CNY or My Little Falls who shared Houle Flower Farm on Facebook, but right away I said, “Ooh!”  Pro tip:  Facebook is a great source for finding local businesses to try.

So rustic!

Houle offers bouquets at a self-serve hut outside their farm on the corner of Rt. 170 and Davis Road.  Driving from Herkimer, Google sent me out Rt. 28 and West End Road, which is a lovely rural drive.  I pulled in to find one bouquet left to purchase.  Phew!

Pro tip: go early for the best selection!

I loved that the bouquet was in a mason jar.  I was especially happy when it fit right into my cup holder for the return drive.  This time I took Rt. 170 into Little Falls.  Being me, I was soon wondering if I had chosen the right direction.  I confess to yelling, “Yes!” and making a fist pump when I realized I had.

My lovely bouquet was soon gracing my mantle.  Different flowers will be available, depending on what is in season, so I look forward to treating myself to more beauty and joy.  Houle also offers flowers by the bucket for special occasions and events.  You can contact them at

So pretty!

The hut is located at 2115 Davis Rd., in Little Falls.  They are open Sunday through Thursday from 9 a.m. till Sold Out.  You can check their Facebook page to see if they are sold out.  You can also see some lovely photos there, so I highly recommend Liking their page!  For more information, you can visit their website at



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