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Lame Predictive Text

I just love the Facebook memes where it gives you a sentence to finish with the middle predictive text (which I previously called “that predictive text thingy”). For example, Freddie is chasing you. Your salvation is (hit the middle predictive text)…

They do not always work out. Just now I found out my salvation is “the real reason I wanted to have to do so much.” And then I gave up. I thought I would like to do a blog post this way. For one reason, it might be OK for Lame Post Friday.

The beauty of my favorite people who just can’t bear it when other people get to the page of Where Are the Romans

That was me hitting middle predictive text apropos nothing. Not so blogworthy, eh? But what if I added the beginning sentence… (I try “This blog post is about”)

This blog post is about the same ring to it.

I do not care for that much. Let’s try another one. (I try “Lame Post Friday”)

Lame Post Friday and I have a lot of the things I could do this weekend

Yeah, this is not working out. This is good news for me. It means that when I feel able to write, I really am doing something. It is not something any computer could do for me.

I may make a Lame Post or two (or more), but I am writing. Sooner or later, I will probably write something good. At least, I daresay I will do it sooner than Predictive Text.


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