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Never Mind Lame, How About Love?

Yes, I was lame enough to miss my Lame Post Friday post (and my predictive text thingy is really falling down on the job; it used to always jump right in with “Post Friday post” when I typed in “Lame”) (pecked in one letter at a time with the stylus, I like to add).

Where was I?  Ah yes, posting late and lame, neither of which is an unusual situation for me.  Yesterday morning I made Thursday’s post with no apology for its being late.  Full disclosure: at first I typed in a couple of sentences about it but deleted them.  I did not want to distract from the post, which I thought was a good, non-lame one, plugging both a local business and my upcoming Shakespeare play (alas, I did not get a lot of blogger love, but you’ll have that).

I love our cast.

Since I mentioned our Shakespeare play, I thought I’ve throw in another rehearsal shot.  It took me a little time to be sure I wasn’t uploading the same picture twice.  Now that I have more storage space in my Media Library, I am careful of preserving it.

I will just mention that this blog may become All Love’s Labour’s Lost All The Time.  One week from today is Opening Afternoon!  Hmm, that does not have the same ring to it as Opening Night.  Never mind.  It will be fun.

Once again, Love’s Labour’s Lost, will be presented by LiFT, Little Falls Theatre Company at Benton’s Landing in Little Falls, NY, August 13 and 14 at 1 p.m., part of Little Falls Canal Celebration. Free admission! I hope to see you there!



25-Inch Lame

Can I make my Lame Post Friday post on Friday? I intend to try. But first, can I just point out that my Tablet’s predictive text thingy is very inconsistent? It used to be, when I typed in “Lame,” “Post Friday post” was automatically suggested. Tonight it was not. Then again, “used to be” is a pretty useless thing to say. When somebody else says it, I usually say, “I used to have a 25-inch waistline. Things change!”

Incidentally, it is true that I once had such a small waistline. I do not expect to have one ever again, which will be all right with me. I have other things to worry about.

My waistline was never this small.

I thought I would throw in a picture to pep up the post. This is our skeleton Bonita and her friend Bonaparte. She is dressed n her last year’s summer outfit. She has not dressed for summer yet. Maybe this weekend…

One of my many summer outfits.

I share this picture to show me in the same headband as Bonita’s, not to emphasize my lack of 25-inch waist. I am at Fratello’s Pizzeria in Frankfort, NY, I add in order to give a brief shout-out to a local business.

I see I am over 200 words. Yay! I’m going to call it a blog post and go back to enjoying my Friday.

Lame Is As Lame Does

Have I used that title before? No matter. I typed it in and it stays. This is my sadly usual late Lame Post Friday post. I make no apologies but merely mention it in the interests of accuracy.

I have not had coffee yet but I think my lovely husband Steven is getting me some now. And, yes, I call him lovely largely because of the coffee. Ahh yes, here it is: the magic elixir that makes morning possible.

As I type this (one letter at a time with the stylus; I really must get a new laptop) (I certainly am a stickler for accuracy this morning), I contemplate the day ahead. I really want to do something other than sit around and watch movies. Of course that is a pleasant way to spend a Saturday or any available day, but today I want something more.

Here is a funny thing I add for entertainment purposes: when I typed in “that is a” my predictive text suggested ” horrifying thought.” I find that highly amusing. One woman’s pleasant is another’s horrifying thought. I can think of a few horrifying thoughts but will strive to stay positive.

My positive thought for this morning is that I will find something blogworthy to do today. Yes, I have a history of writing posts on arguably non-blogworthy subjects. However, I am no hand at argument. On the brighter side: I am over 200 words. Bring on Saturday!

What’s in a Lame?

Have I used that title before? I’m too lazy to go back and check. It is almost 11:30 Friday night, so I am getting my Lame Post Friday Post in just under the wire.

Here’s a weird thing: my Predictive Text thingy has stopped predicting things it previously predicted most of the time. For example, it used to be if I typed in (that is, pecked in one letter at a time with the stylus) “Lame,” the predictive text would predict, “Post Friday.” Today, it did not.

That is about the most interesting thing I can come up with at this point. I am usually in bed by this time on a Friday or any other night. Not always asleep, because I am a chronic insomniac.

Oh, here is something else weird. I just typed “insomniac” into Google to make sure I spelled it right, because my Tablet underlined it, and it seems there is a whole big thing called Insomniac. I was invited to plan my next insomniac event! What the hell? I did not explore the matter. In fact, I hesitate to mention it, in case I am advertising something quite unworthy, but it kind of went with my stream of consciousness vibe, if you see what I mean.

And now I have rattled on for 200 sufficiently lame words, I will sign off and try again to sleep. Happy Friday, for whatever is left of it!

Lame Predictive Text

I just love the Facebook memes where it gives you a sentence to finish with the middle predictive text (which I previously called “that predictive text thingy”). For example, Freddie is chasing you. Your salvation is (hit the middle predictive text)…

They do not always work out. Just now I found out my salvation is “the real reason I wanted to have to do so much.” And then I gave up. I thought I would like to do a blog post this way. For one reason, it might be OK for Lame Post Friday.

The beauty of my favorite people who just can’t bear it when other people get to the page of Where Are the Romans

That was me hitting middle predictive text apropos nothing. Not so blogworthy, eh? But what if I added the beginning sentence… (I try “This blog post is about”)

This blog post is about the same ring to it.

I do not care for that much. Let’s try another one. (I try “Lame Post Friday”)

Lame Post Friday and I have a lot of the things I could do this weekend

Yeah, this is not working out. This is good news for me. It means that when I feel able to write, I really am doing something. It is not something any computer could do for me.

I may make a Lame Post or two (or more), but I am writing. Sooner or later, I will probably write something good. At least, I daresay I will do it sooner than Predictive Text.

Am I Lame? Or Just a Lush?

Ah yes, Lame Post Friday (why did my predictive text thingy not offer me “Post Friday” when I typed in “Lame”?  I’m just asking). I have had a long-ish week.  Not as bad as some, not as onerous as others, and I am SO ready for a three day weekend!  OF COURSE  I am grateful for said weekend.  I KNOW some people do not get one.  For heaven’s sake, I used to be one of those people,  get off my back about the gratitude already!  Sheesh!

Where was I?  Ah yes sitting on my deck, trying to make some semblance of a blog post before the wine really kicks in and I fall asleep.   Don’t judge me.

We started our evening at a wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer, NY.  So fun!  I would in fact like to write a whole blog post about it so will say no more now.  After sipping some wine we  went to the End Zone Pub and Grub on North Main Street, where we had some more wine and a little food.

There is not much else to tell about my Friday.  Only that my predictive text thingy does not seem to be offering such responsive suggestions as it has in the past.  I really must get back to ten-fingered typing.  In the meantime, this will have to do for this week’s Lame Friday Post.   I hope you are all having a delightful start to your weekend.