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A Short Sad Post

I am taking a Blogger’s Sad Day. There are many factors contributing to my sadness, but mostly I am sad on other people’s behalfs (behaves? No, that’s not right. Just behalf? Oh dear).

I guess that parenthetical comment was the comic relief. I really do not care to list my reasons for sadness, my own or others’.

As I sit here typing (one letter at a time with the stylus), a voice in my head scolds me that one must write in spite of one’s mood. Oh well, here I am writing about my disinclination to write (I almost put “inability,” but, well…). That counts.

The best I was going to do anyways was Tired Tuesday Post. I tried to write something while on breaks at work, but nothing was forthcoming. Then I went shopping after work at a place NOT worth blogging about. I have not been doing anything blogworthy lately. I must work on that.

In the meantime, tonight I am giving myself a break. A short, nothing post, and now I will enjoy an episode or two of Forensic Files. I don’t know about you, but for me, a little murder and mayhem often helps.


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  1. in the movie Inside out, Sadness is the most important character! and Emma’s favorite – she got the doll for her birthday. Sadness gets a bad rap – we are told we are not supposed to be sad, we are supposed to be positive (isn’t that a blood type?), pull ourselves up by our bootstraps (who has those anymore?), etc. But really, we have to allow ourselves to go to the sadness to find our way back again to the happiness.

  2. I am trying to get back to daily blogging also, like I used to..except Sunday. Even God took that day to rest. You are doing great!


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