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Another Stroll Down Movie Memory Lame

Hello and welcome to another late Lame Post Friday post.  I even got up up later this Saturday morning than I usually do, having stayed up later on Friday night.  I am sitting in silence, other than the sound of my furnace and the irregular tip tip tip of my stylus pecking in one letter at a time.  I hope to purchase a new laptop at some point.  Then I can ten finger type in more places and postures.

Yesterday was a Blogger’s Sad Day.  It would have been my husband Steven’s 68th birthday.  Birthdays were a big deal for him.  He always made mine special, and I tried to do the same for him.  I felt relieved that I did not have to work (took the whole day because I had an appointment).  I thought I should do something to mark the occasion.

Lots of screaming in this movie, but nothing like the scream queens of the ’70’s.

Since watching movies together was one of our favorite things, I popped in one of our all time favorites, House on Haunted Hill, the original William Castle version, starring Vincent Price (I have no use for the remake).  The first time we saw this, I was in the army.  We had taken the long drive to my first duty station, gotten signed into billeting, and had time to relax. It was a Friday, and I didn’t have to sign into my unit till Monday.  We saw House on Haunted Hill was going to be on AMC, back when AMC was good and showed all movies.  We loved it!

I think her braids are too tight.

Next I went to The Bad Seed, another long time favorite.  This goes all the way back to Norwood, NY, where we lived in the ’90’s and spent a considerable amount of time renting videos.  I miss those rental places!  I know, some people prefer streaming and the fact that they can sit on their butt in sweats and watch whatever.  I loved going to the place and walking around, finding things I didn’t know I wanted to find.

So this my stroll down Memory Lame.  See how I looped back to Lame Post Friday?  Sometimes I think I’m clever, but I daresay I flatter myself.



And Why Wasn’t There a Thunderstorm?

I can’t make up my mind whether to have a Blogger’s Sick Day, a Blogger’s Sad Day, a Bloggers Stress Day, or a simple Non-Sequitur Thursday. I lean toward the latter. For one reason, I do not intend to talk about why I am sick, sad and stressed. Not trying to be mysterious; just don’t want to be tiresome. I do enough whining as it is.

Of course, this is a personal blog. I might be expected to talk about my personal problems. And sometimes I do. But not today.

Looks like aLooLoLooks oks k fun bunch.

OK, this is weird. I can’t seem to put a caption on this picture. It is strange, too, that it was in my Media Library and I do not remember using it in a blog post. Perhaps I should go back and check.

Nope, not in any post. It is me, two of my sisters and my mom at my sister’s house in Liverpool. A fun visit.

I really just threw in the photo to make the post more non-sequitur-ish. I think another pic would help.

What hump, indeed?

And once again I cannot add a caption. What the hell, WordPress? Oh, I suppose it is operator error as usual. No matter. I am over 200 words. The blog must go on!

RIP, Theatre Friends

Today is a Blogger’s Sad Day. I found out that a friend passed away. It was not very long ago that the friend’s wife, also my friend, passed away. So I am very sad.

This couple was very active in Ilion Little Theatre (ILT) until the wife got Parkinson’s Disease. That was before I joined the group. However, when I was secretary of ILT, another board member mentioned that this couple would appreciate a phone call. I had never met them, but since I love to send post cards, I said I would send them one every week, keeping them updated on ILT.

They really enjoyed the post cards. The husband wrote me a few letters, telling me about their time at ILT and other things. Of course I also told them things about my life, not just the theatre parts of it. They made it to a murder mystery and a couple of plays I was in. They were truly delightful people.

The husband called to tell me when his wife passed away. I continued to send him cards. I hoped when things open back up to see him at the theatre sometime.

I got a text today that he passed away on Tuesday. So I am sad. I hope to return to regular blogging tomorrow.

A Short Sad Post

I am taking a Blogger’s Sad Day. There are many factors contributing to my sadness, but mostly I am sad on other people’s behalfs (behaves? No, that’s not right. Just behalf? Oh dear).

I guess that parenthetical comment was the comic relief. I really do not care to list my reasons for sadness, my own or others’.

As I sit here typing (one letter at a time with the stylus), a voice in my head scolds me that one must write in spite of one’s mood. Oh well, here I am writing about my disinclination to write (I almost put “inability,” but, well…). That counts.

The best I was going to do anyways was Tired Tuesday Post. I tried to write something while on breaks at work, but nothing was forthcoming. Then I went shopping after work at a place NOT worth blogging about. I have not been doing anything blogworthy lately. I must work on that.

In the meantime, tonight I am giving myself a break. A short, nothing post, and now I will enjoy an episode or two of Forensic Files. I don’t know about you, but for me, a little murder and mayhem often helps.

What a Bad Blogger Am I

I had vowed not to be posting at 4:30 in the morning, yet here I am.  We’ll call it a Blogger’s Sad Day.  You see Steven lost a dear friend yesterday, who was the mother of a dear friend.  He was so sad, I took him out to cheer him up.

Just to plug a local business.

We had some food at Fat Cat’s Fish Fry, then went to Applebee’s, where we still had money on a gift card my parents gave us.  More importantly, it was Winesday, half price bottles of wine.  It was not my smartest idea. I got home (and I will just mention that I was OK to drive but foolishly poured myself more wine once there), Steven went to sleep, and I typed in the following:

Oh, this sucks.  I need to make a blog post,  yet I do not have a proper stylus to do so.

One would think the predictive text would help in such a situation.  However, that is not the case. Oh crap.  What should. I do now?

How about I add a picture or two?


OK, I have really no idea what this is or what it is from. I suppose I might just as well admit that these are things have have been posted under my auspices.  How do these things happen?  I have no idea.

Who would not subscribe to such a sentiment?

I am tired and ready to let myself go to a superior text.  Any takers?  Oh dear.

There were such interlopers now.   But how can we confront them now?

Back to the present, I see it is obvious that I drank and typed.  I am embarrassed and inclined to backspace it all out.  Yet, I feel it is right to show my foibles.  Let’s face it, I am mostly cringing because I know my mother will read this.

Incidentally,  I remember where the picture came from.  It was hanging on the wall at The Celtic Harp (on an occasion when I was NOT driving).  Apparently I drink and click, too.


Musings on Mood

Yes, it is another late post.  I was too sad to write one last night.  I know, I know, that is no excuse. “One must be pitiless in the matter of mood.”  That is a quote, but I cannot remember who said it. In my defense, I am not saying, “I wasn’t in the MOOD to write.”  Hmm… What, then, was I saying? I guess I don’t know.

I feel I should go on to tell why I was (full disclosure: and still am) so sad. I am disinclined to do so, however.  For one reason, it isn’t my own stuff I am sad about, it is other people’s tragedies.  I do not want to usurp someone else’s story for my own petty purposes.

Come to think about it,  I have said too much already, just by telling you I am sad.  What is that but a whiny bid for sympathy?  I ought to feel ashamed.  I do feel ashamed.

On the other hand, there is little point in judging myself.  I was only trying to make one of my stream of consciousness late posts.  Being honest about one’s feelings is not necessarily asking for sympathy, despite appearances to those looking for the least flattering interpretation.

Under the heading Cutting Myself a Break, I am going to call this a Mid-Week Middle-Aged Musings and drive on.

I Could Use a Rainbow

I can’t even handle a Monstrous Monday today.

Let’s call this a continuation of last week’s Blogger’s Sad Day (was it only last week?).  This evening, Steven and I went to our friend Julianne’s calling hours.  It was sad, oh was I sad.  I pretty much felt sad all day and thought how I would probably not be able to make a decent blog post.  It doesn’t even feel right to post monster pictures.  Well, there is one thing I could post, if I can find it…

Is this them welcoming Julianne to heaven?

Julianne LOVED The Wizard of Oz.  I think it is a pretty fun movie, and a great memory of my childhood (ooh, am I seguing into a Monday Memories post?).  Julianne was only a little older than me, so like me she grew up before VCRs (for really young people, that is what came before DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming).  You had to wait till they decided to show a movie on television, and there were only about three channels, unless you had cable, in which case there were about seven.  And until you got a color TV, you did not realize how truly wonderful it was when Dorothy finally got over the rainbow.

Well, my friend Julianne is over the rainbow now.  I hope she is in a wonderful place.  It makes me feel a little better to believe that she is.