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Any Excuse for a Good Time!

I have been trying to support my local businesses lately. Or is that just my handy excuse for going out and having a good time? In either case, we had a good time this afternoon at the End Zone Pub and Grub in Herkimer, NY.

We wore our masks in, and put them back on if we left our seats. They have their barstools spaced the required six feet apart, but Steve and I were allowed to move ours closer together, since we are of the same household.

Steve and our delightful bartender.

We drank some wine and ate French fries and boneless chicken wings. I feared I would regret consuming deep fried stuff, both from an upset tummy and weight gain aspects, but, yum.

Our friend Kim joined us. Brianna, the bartender, saved her our mini wine bottles. Kim recently started making trolls using them.

She’s so creative.

I’ll have to get a few shots of the finished product. In the meantime, I am happy to contribute to Kim’s creative endeavors with my cabernet consumption. Or is that another handy excuse?


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