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Nything on Lame Post Friday

I had my relaxing interlude last night, but I have not been exactly un-relaxed this evening. For heaven’s sake, it’s Friday, if I can’t relax tonight when can I? Oh well, I guess almost any time.

Whenever I get all TGIF, I become uncomfortably aware of all the people that work weekends. I used to work weekends, and I hated it. Then again, I often enjoyed my days off during the week. Wait a minute, where was I going with this?

Obviously, this is Lame Post Friday. I can only feel happy that I am not typing this in early Saturday morning. I feel one must celebrate these small wins.

He’s my guy.

I just got done watching a DVR’d episode of Svengoolie. The Leech Woman. What cheesy fun! I am debating watching another episode or a DVR’d true crime show. I have a slew of Datelines on my List.

But first I must make my blog post.

Unfortunately, once again, I got nuthin’ (oh, that was a weird autocorrect: nything for nuthin’. That’s not even a word!) (Or is it?) (At least it gave me a headline).

How could I resist?

I do feel inclined to write a post about The Leech Woman. I have not done a movie write-up in a long time. They don’t get as many Likes as other posts (I am a notorious Like junky), but they are oh so fun to write.

As for this post, I see I have rattled on for over 200 words. I call that respectable, even if they have been 200 lame words. Happy Friday, everyone!


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