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Nything on Lame Post Friday

I had my relaxing interlude last night, but I have not been exactly un-relaxed this evening. For heaven’s sake, it’s Friday, if I can’t relax tonight when can I? Oh well, I guess almost any time.

Whenever I get all TGIF, I become uncomfortably aware of all the people that work weekends. I used to work weekends, and I hated it. Then again, I often enjoyed my days off during the week. Wait a minute, where was I going with this?

Obviously, this is Lame Post Friday. I can only feel happy that I am not typing this in early Saturday morning. I feel one must celebrate these small wins.

He’s my guy.

I just got done watching a DVR’d episode of Svengoolie. The Leech Woman. What cheesy fun! I am debating watching another episode or a DVR’d true crime show. I have a slew of Datelines on my List.

But first I must make my blog post.

Unfortunately, once again, I got nuthin’ (oh, that was a weird autocorrect: nything for nuthin’. That’s not even a word!) (Or is it?) (At least it gave me a headline).

How could I resist?

I do feel inclined to write a post about The Leech Woman. I have not done a movie write-up in a long time. They don’t get as many Likes as other posts (I am a notorious Like junky), but they are oh so fun to write.

As for this post, I see I have rattled on for over 200 words. I call that respectable, even if they have been 200 lame words. Happy Friday, everyone!


A Relaxing Interlude

It was unseasonably warm today, and I was delighted I left work early enough to enjoy it. I was too lazy to go for a run or a walk, but I spent a lovely hour or two sitting on my front porch.

I was the picture of leisure.

I had been saying at work that I was either going to go for a run or have a beer on my front porch. A co-worker was puzzled by what she saw as two things which cancelled each other out.

“It’s just two different ways of making myself happy,” I explained. As you can see, I opted for the latter. I changed a clunkier pair of shoes for a light canvas pair. I am so delighted to wear my little canvas sneakers again. They offer my feet zero support, but I love them so much.

The view I enjoyed.

I took a few pictures from where I sat. The lighting was not the best, but I can’t control the sun.

Frankentree obscures the view.

We discussed how we may need to deal with Frankentree, as he becomes more and more of a monster.

Not the best view of the pumpkin or the trees.

Steven told me not to take a picture of him, so I shot over his head. I was hoping to get the pumpkin hanging from the porch and the trees down the street.

A depiction of my relaxation.

I took one more shot of my cute shoes. My father made me the footstool. It is also handy to stand on to reach things. When I am not relaxing.

So was this a better blog post? I let my readers be the judge. Judges. Happy Thursday, friends.

Cinema on Slacker Saturday

I pause in enjoying my evening for a Slacker Saturday Post. I made up my mind earlier this week to have a relaxing Saturday at home, and for once I succeeded in my ambition.

“You made up your mind in one minute!”

Earlier tonight we watched The Bad Seed, one of out favorite cheesy movies. In the above scene, Patty McCormick is still supposed to be the perfect, angelic child, not the selfish, bad-tempered murderess we know she is. No spoiler alert needed there; we all know what the movie is about.

Technically, the blood should be spurting out.

After The Bad Seed, Steven graciously agreed to watch one of my favorites, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. The above picture does not feature said brain. Personally I feel it is just as well that blood is not spurting out of that arm hole, as I suggested in the caption.

It is sad to me how happy he looks.

We are now watching The Bride of Frankenstein, one of the few movies where the sequel surpasses the original, although I love the original as well. We often watch the two movies together, but I can’t do everything right, especially on Slacker Saturday.

Agatha to Axes, it’s Slacker Saturday

I have not had a Slacker Saturday post in a while, and I have certainly had a slacker day today.  My husband, Steven, and I just hung out and relaxed.  We watched a few movies, though, so I will attempt a Saturday Cinema post before going back to relaxing.

Where, or where can I get a hat like that?

We started our viewing with Death on the Nile, a star-studded Agatha Christie which I love.  The above picture is Angela Lansbury in the truly delicious role of Salome Ottorbourne, writer of lurid romance novels and murder suspect.

After Death on the Nile, I was in the Agatha Christie mood so suggested we watch Ten Little Indians (1965) ,which I had DVR’d from TCM recently.  This is not to be confused with And Then There Were None (1945), which we own on DVD.  Both are based on the same book, of course.  However, in the 1945 version, the characters are on an island, as they are in the book.  In the version we watched today, they ride a cable car up a mountain.  I looked but could not find a picture of the movie we saw today.  How’s that for slacking?

Now we are watching a favorite of ours: Strait-Jacket (1964).  A William Castle thriller starring Joan Crawford as an ax murderess, how could I not love it?

Severed heads can be such bed hogs.

I suppose we should have saved it for a Severed Head Sunday.  I haven’t had one of those in a while either.  As for today, I feel my slacking off has extended to my blog post.  But at least I have included a couple of pictures. I’ll close with another of Joan.  Happy Saturday, everyone.

This is representative of the sort of editing some of my blog posts probably need.


Wrist to Relaxing

So, I had a very busy day yesterday, I was up later than I EVER stay any more, it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday, what sort of a post do you think I’m going to do today?

A short one.

It is gloriously warm in the Mohawk Valley today. Tabby has been for two walks, one with just me, one with me and Steven. We sat out on our deck. We are relaxing.

Moreover, I have a whole weekend of Mohawk Valley adventures to write about. I am set for DAYS. So why I am I not writing about them right now? See the first paragraph. And the second. And the third. RELAXING!

Perhaps this is a poor excuse from a blog writer who indulges in Middle-aged Musings Monday, Tired on Tuesday, Wuss-out Wednesday, Non-Sequitur Thursday and Lame Post Friday (in my defense, not usually all in the same week). Oh yeah, and countless posts about Why I Can’t Write a Post Today. Will I ever stop doing that?

I must admit, probably not. For today, I will content myself with a Preview of Coming Attractions: restaurant visits, Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, an indoor garage sale, Mohawk Antiques Market, a truly awesome musical performance, good food, and plans for more Mohawk Valley activities.

And for me, the rest of a relaxing Sunday to enjoy. I hope you are enjoying yours as much.

Thank you for playing.