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Music, Riggies, Birthday… I Love It!

I went to Fratello’s Pizzeria tonight and I was so happy I did. There I was in Ilion, thinking of the more sensible route of going home (what was I going to eat there anyways?) and then the idea of going to Fratello’s and sitting at the bar occurred to me. The first person I saw when I walked in was Phil Arcuri.

“Hey!” I said, “I impulsively decided to eat here and I thought, ‘Maybe Phil Arcuri will be playing. Nah, I couldn’t get that lucky. I got that lucky!”

I ordered a Pinot Noir and asked if there were any specials. Chicken Riggies! At first I thought, red wine with chicken? Then I thought chicken riggies could stand up to red wine, especially a light one like Pinot Noir. Not that I am anybody’s expert on wine and food pairings. I like wine and I like food. That is the extent of it.

Oh, I enjoyed the music! Phil always looks like he is having such a good time as he plays. A couple of boys seated at a table were enjoying him as much as I was. When I got up to take a picture and danced my way back to my seat, one of the boys danced too.

To add to the festivities, Toni, the bartender, was celebrating her 21st birthday. I asked if I could take her picture for my blog post. She graciously agreed.

I was delighted with my riggies. For one reason, as I pointed out to Toni, I can eat some leftovers on Friday, for carbs before the Pride Stride 5K on Saturday. She had to laugh at that, because there will certainly will be more than one night’s worth of leftovers. But she wished me luck on my 5K.

I had a great night. Thank you, Fratello’s, Toni, and Phil!


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