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Flowers for a Blog Post?

As Saturday grinds on (not as grindingly as work days do, obviously), I wonder if I  have the wherewithal to make a Scattered Saturday or even a Slacker Saturday Post.  We shall see.

One anecdote I thought to include occurred to me on this morning’s run.  Full disclosure: it was neither as long nor as strenuous a run as I have done recently.  One does what one can, which is often less than others may deem one is capable of, but that is not what I meant to write about this evening.

As I ran along German Street in Herkimer, NY this morning, I stopped ever so briefly to pick up a bright yellow marigold blossom with mere inches of stem attached.   One sometimes encounters broken-off flowers of this sort.  I like to pick them  up when I can.

It reminded me of a time when I picked up a lily blossom.  I thought as I ran on that if things got to be too much for me, I could lie down with the lily resting on my chest, making a tableau.  I was not forced to resort to such measures but found a dime to pick up as I ran on.  When I got home, I handed the flower and the coin to my husband, Steven, saying, “Could you trim the stem of this lily and put it in some water?   Here’s a dime for your troubles.”

I confess to being highly amused with myself.  Today I handed the marigold to Steven with a similar request but had no tip for him.  Sometimes he is a rather ill-used husband.

And that is my Saturday blog post for this week.  It may not be such a much, but at least I did it on Saturday.  And no, I do not expect flowers for such a feat!



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