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Halloween Decorations: Part One

Regular readers know I do not have my act together but hold the hope that I may have at some future date.  We will not consider how forlorn that hope may be.  I did do one thing today that I have been meaning to do (regular readers also know that Do One Thing is kind of a mantra of mine):  I put some Halloween decorations out on my front porch and yard.

First view of Frankentree.

I actually have quite a few pictures so may stretch this out over two or three posts.  In this picture you can’t really tell why this is a Frankentree and not just a regular one, but here are the first few decorations I put on him.  I thought I was done but found a couple of scarecrows and a Broomhead and decided they could go on the tree, too.

Here you can see a little more of the tree’s Frankenness.

I decided to stick the scarecrows in as if they were being eaten by the tree.  I am afraid they look a little too cheerful to sustain the illusion, but one does what one can.  Quite frankly, it was the easiest thing I could think of to do at the time.  I had already been up,and down the stepladder unhanging and hanging lights and was ready to be done.

Sorry, Lady Scarecrow.

I had not meant to leave her hanging like this, but when it happened I thought “Hey, That’s kind of scary.”  It reminded me of a scene from a movie we saw recently on Svengoolie, I think it was called Gargoyles.  A lady was left hanging upside down on a telephone or some such pole.  The funny thing about that was, I swear I can remember seeing that scene one Saturday afternoon or evening roughly a hundred years ago when my siblings and I used to try to find scary movies on television (back when cable got you about seven channels, including the major networks).  But I digress.

I’m so glad I found Broomhead!

Full disclosure:  it No longer looks like the dinosaur is about to bite Broomhead’s arm.  The dinosaur fell off and I tried to stick him back on more securely.  I’ll have to take another picture.

First, though, I have other pictures from today to share.  I hope to get to them tomorrow.



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