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Anyways, Happy Halloween!

So I missed posting on both Saturday and Sunday,  and here I sit on Halloween morning, wanting to at least post a note to my loyal readers (also unloyal, chance, random and any other readers), just to say… what? I’m still alive?  Thank you for reading?  I know! Happy Halloween!


Witchy says Happy Halloween, too!

How about some Halloween pictures, to help obscure the fact that I have very little to say.

Wow I have a lot of Halloween stuff!

Here is a shot from when we got really elaborate with our decorating.  Will we ever be this ambitious again?

More fun stuff!

We also got into the toys that sang and danced.  Good times!

He’s so cute!

A favorite decoration:  my friend Marsha sent me the pot, my husband Steve got me the vampire, and it is an orange t-shirt I never particularly liked (it had a logo from a place I did not enjoy working at, but that is a whole other story).

I think this was before we finished decorating.

This picture showed up in my On This Day on Facebook.  It is one of my favorites.  I find it is symbolic, because there is Santa Claus in the background, knowing it is his turn next.  Full disclosure: that Santa sits on my staircase all year long.

My pictures have helped me get to over 200 words.  Score!  And Happy Halloween!



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