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Too Much Lame On My Hands

How did it get to be seven o’clock on Saturday morning?  I know, in the usual way. And in the increasingly usual way, I am making my Lame Post Friday post late.  These things happen.

Here is something that occurred to me as I typed the preceding:  we always say “o’clock.” Nobody ever says “of the clock.”  At least I never hear them do it.  I guess that is one of those lost positives I have heard about, like “ept.”

Speaking of “ept,”  my most often heard lost positive, I think it is not really one.  I believe the positive form on “inept” is “adept.”  I thought of that all by myself.  Of course, I am no linguist and could be full of beans.  Somebody who really knows etymology (that is the right word; I looked it up) could probably set me straight.  I do not mind at all if anybody cares to be didactic about it in the comments.

Incidentally, while I typed in the line about thinking of it myself, I could practically hear somebody saying, “Got a lot of time on your hands, do you?”  This is a bit of condescension I think we could all do without.  I have been guilty of it myself and now that I think about it, I decide that I am going to try to stop saying it.  And for the record, I do not have a lot of time on my hands but often leave things undone while my mind chases these convoluted thoughts.

I see I am getting to 250 words.  Lame words?  Well I think that is the point of Lame Post Friday.



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