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Who Likes Monday? Or Spiders?

Mondays are hard.  At least for me they are, and I know a lot of people feel the same way.  On the other hand, many people do not work Monday through Friday, and for them Monday holds no terrors.  Similarly, Friday holds little joy.  What I am worried about here is that what I write may not resonate with a sizable number of readers.  Then again, when have I ever felt like one of the majority?

Why am I arguing with myself?  Where do I think I might end up?  I have no answers to these questions.  Quick, throw in a picture of a monster!


Lots of people are freaked out by spiders.  I confess to not being particularly bothered by them (see what I mean about being in the minority?).  For example,  this morning I saw one dangling from the ceiling where I work.  I let it live.  I considered trying to catch it and let it go outside, but it was pretty cold out today.  I don’t know how well spiders do in the cold.

One of my favorite hats.

And here I am with a spider on my head.  I picked up this sweet fascinator at a yard sale to benefit H.A.L.O., Helping Animals Live Organization, a cat rescue operation based in Little Falls, NY.  They are hosting an open house this Saturday.   You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

Oh look, I am over 200 words.  Sufficient for a Monstrous Monday, I think.  I hope you will tune in tomorrow, when I will try for something better than a Tired Tuesday Post.



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