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Is This a Blog or Therapy?

This will be a very fast Tired Tuesday post with not promises as to reaching my self-imposed, admittedly arbitrary 200-word minimum.  I am ten-finger typing on my dining-room-table-top (for those of you just tuning in, it is a laptop on its last cyber legs, we dare not move it) on Wednesday morning.  I have had coffee, taken my walk, and eaten breakfast, but have yet to make my lunch.  I am, as I knew I would be, regretting not making my post last night.  In my defense, I was depressed.

I fear this must be a blogger’s sick day, or perhaps another day when I whine and cry about my own petty personal problems.  I remind myself that other people have much worse things to deal with.  This does not always help, because I feel I am an ungrateful wretch for complaining at all.  I do cultivate gratitude, pointing out to myself every little thing that I can feel thankful for.  I read in some dumb woman’s magazine that it is impossible to feel depressed and grateful at the same time.  It is not true, at least for me.

But never mind my whining, let me instead list a few things for which I can be thankful right now.  It was not raining but merely misty this morning and warm, making it a delightful morning to take a walk.  Some people had their Christmas lights on  I do love Christmas lights.  I have received a couple of Christmas cards already.  I do not have to work Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I am gainfully employed at a job which makes a positive difference in people’s lives.  I have a very nice family and am able to talk to my parents almost every day.

See, me?  All this good stuff.  And here is another one:  I am about to publish a blog post of over 300 words.  Is it a good blog post?  Let us not ask for miracles.  Part of me says I should just save this to drafts, it is nothing more than an attempt at self-therapy.  However, I shall hit Publish, to let others with depression know they are not alone.  I don’t know that they will be especially flattered to hear they are in the same club with me, but I cannot worry about that now.  Perhaps I should look into getting some actual therapy.



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  1. I think Blogging can be used for both!


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