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Post about Pasta

How about a cooking post instead of my usual Tired Tuesday Post.  I make it a statement instead of a question, because I intend to do so regardless.  At first I thought not so much a cooking as a fixing post, because I didn’t cook the salad, then I remembered there was pasta involved.  That was cooked.

It was, in fact, leftover ziti, which I had cooked to go with some leftover cheesy sauce I was finishing up (maybe I should have done a cooking post on the sauce).  I cooked all the ziti left in the canister.  I was out of the tossed salad I have been bringing to work for my lunch, so I wondered if I could come up with something involving pasta.

I had a jar of marinaded artichoke hearts in the fridge, along with the rest of the rainbow peppers I had used in the cheesy sauce (yes, I totally should have led with the cheesy sauce).  I try to always have a can of black olives in my cupboard. As Gene Wilder said in Young Frankenstein,  “It! Could! Work!”

First I put the ziti in a bowl.  I chopped some rainbow peppers and added those. I also chopped the artichoke hearts, adding the marinade to be the salad dressing.  Sliced black olives completed the mixture.  It seemed a little bland when I tasted it, so I added lemon pepper and dill.  I put it in the refrigerator to let the flavors blend.

I did not taste it again till lunch time today.  It was yummy!  I look forward to lunch tomorrow.



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