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I’ll Give You a Pizza My Mind

How about another cooking post, because quite frankly, I ain’t got much. I did leave the house today, but only to go grocery shopping, and it was not memorable. I spent most of the afternoon knitting and watching Snapped.

I almost didn’t cook anything, because I sat on the couch feeling Too Damn Tired. However, once I got out to the kitchen and got started, it wasn’t too bad.

My plan was to make flat bread pizzas. I had purchased whole wheat tortillas for the purpose. I started by chopping up some rainbow peppers I found on sale at the grocery store. I put them in a frying pan to saute, adding some sliced fresh mushrooms.

While they fried, I peeled and crushed some garlic. After it sat for 15 minutes, breathing or whatever it’s supposed to do (I read somewhere that’s how it reaches its full cancer-fighting potential), I whirred it in the blender with some oil, basil, and oregano. I spread this mixture on the flat bread in lieu of sauce.

In addition to the peppers and mushrooms, I topped the pizzas with pepperoni, black olives, and mozzarella. I sliced the olives and grated the cheese while the garlic breathed.

I baked two pizzas at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. They turned out yummy. I have not been cooking much lately, because I have been too lazy. Uh, I mean tired. I kind of miss chopping, mixing, stirring, etc. Perhaps my recipes are not the most exciting of blog posts, but at least it makes a change from whining about how I don’t have enough to say. As always, I thank you for tuning in.

Not a Wrist to Forehead Appetizer

So today was my day to get stuff done that I did not get done on Scattered Saturday.  That, I felt, was just setting myself up for Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  At least I got a couple of things done.  Then I made a delightful appetizer for Steven and me without a recipe, and I thought that would make a good blog post.

I had gotten the tomatoes on the vine at Hannaford yesterday (on sale This Week Only!) and some in-store bakery Italian bread.  I had it in mind to make bruschetta (my computer thinks that is misspelled, but Facebook seems to think it is correct) (my dictionary is upstairs, that’s too far for me on Wrist to Forehead Sunday).  Naturally the first thing I did was to crush up some garlic and set the timer for 15 minutes (so it could reach its full cancer-fighting qualities).  While it breathed, I cut some very thin slices of onion and started to chop up some rainbow peppers which had also been on sale at Hannaford (This Week Only!).  I also opened a can of black olives.  Somewhere during these activities I also set the oven to pre-heat to 400 degrees.

When the garlic was done breathing, I put it in the blender with olive oil, basil, oregano, and the Salt Free Essential Spice Blend from So Sweet Candy Cafe that is my new favorite seasoning.  I sliced the Italian bread and brushed it with the olive oil mixture, then topped it with onion, diced peppers, black olive slices, and pieces of tomato.  I put them in the oven for ten minutes. Yum!

With such a good — and labor intensive — appetizer, I no longer felt like cooking dinner.  We put the burger I had taken out of the freezer this morning into the refrigerator.  I’ll do something fun with that Monday or Tuesday.  I may even write another blog post about it.  I think these cooking posts are a little more interesting than my usual schtick, but perhaps I flatter myself.  In any case, I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.