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A Mixed Up But Not Monstrous Run

I mixed things up by running, which I rarely do on a Monday, so I thought I would further mix things up by doing a Running Commentary Post instead of my usual Monstrous Monday Post.  I suppose, though, that it is not unusual for me to be mixed up.  Never mind that: on with the post!

One reason I thought to go running was that the roads were pretty much bare, which they have not been and which they are unlikely to remain.  I had previously been toying with the idea of running in place on the mini-tramp, because I wanted to do laundry before taking my shower, one of my few instances of multi-tasking (also, I come home from work too dirty and stinky to want to just sit around before showering).  When I noticed the bare roads as I left work, I said, “Heyyy!”

Picture more snow not on the road but a less wet road.

Of course I thought to run by places I have pictures of in my Media Library.  I believe I used this picture of Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners in my last Running Commentary Post.  As I approached the Corners, my whole body was saying, “Oh, to hell with this!”  Imagine my chagrin to find I had been running for less than three minutes.

There was a little more snow surrounding this building as well.

I ran down several streets with no landmarks before heading toward Washington Street and this handsome building.  I was huffing and puffing and, according to my Garmin, running a bit faster than I have in the recent past.  My body was, as it often does, trying to convince me that a short run would be OK.  I suppose it would, but I have the Boilermaker 15K to train for.  Yes, I have time, but not forever.

This is where I pay my water bill.


I hoped to make it for 20 minutes while promising myself I would not beat myself up over 17 or even 15.  I was pleased with myself for doing a mile in just under 13 minutes.  I know, other people do a mile much faster, but I cannot go around comparing myself to others.

Again, picture more snow.

I added a little time to my run by going around Meyers Park the long way.  For one reason, it was left side facing traffic (as it happened, there was no traffic, but one likes to be prepared).  Additionally, I got to enter where it said Do Not Enter.  Regular readers know how I like to do that.

My run was just barely over 20 minutes, a little over a mile and a half.  I felt pretty pleased with myself, especially on a Monday. I want to be more regular about walking and running.  It lifts my mood in several respects, and sometimes it makes a pretty good blog post.  Or do I flatter myself?



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  1. We hope to see you this summer at the gazebo for the Chow Down festivities.

  2. Mary Vander Voort

    I always enjoy whatever yo write, Cindy!


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