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Running by the Rules

I had not gone running since Tuesday nor even taken a walk since Wednesday.  Yes, you can shake your finger at me, or your head, or your booty.  These things happen.   I did not even run Saturday.  So I made sure to go for at least a short one today.

Just 20 minutes, I told myself, just go for 20 minutes.  I had gotten up to 31 minutes last weekend, so by my Add Ten Percent rule I should have been up to 34 minutes today (I didn’t make that up, the guy at the Sneaker Store told me about it a long time ago; I guess it’s a thing) (although knowing me, I probably don’t do it right).  But after missing four days, I followed the Give Myself a Break rule.

It was much chillier than it was yesterday but not too bad.  Until the wind picked up.  Yikes!  Fortunately it did not blow fiercely for the entire run.

I started out taking the opposite direction from what I usually do, heading away from German Street.  Then I took a right onto Church Street, heading towards Valley Health, where there is a nice hill I could run up.  However, when I got closer I again followed the Give Myself a Break rule and turned into the high school parking lot.

You have to picture it without the leaves on the trees.

I  observed as I ran that I was heading the same way as the water.  When I run up to Herkimer College the back way (which I have not done in a long time), there is a little creek running downhill.  I always think the water is laughing at me, “Hey, you!  You’re going the wrong way! Downhill is much better!”  At the high school, it is a more gradual slope.

My run was not feeling bad.  My body did not protest much at all.  I turned a few corners, debating on the best way to get back home anand still take at least 20 minutes.  Additionally, I tried to run with the sun not too much in my eyes.  It is annoying and can give me a headache.

All the snow was gone today.

I ran through Meyer’s Park, as I often like to do.  I wanted to go up Prospect Street as far as the Do Not Enter sign on Bellinger Avenue.  Regular readers know how I like to enter when it says not to.

On another topic…

I was unsuccessfully  searching my Media Library for a picture of the Do Not Enter sign when I saw this utterly appropriate photo.  I personally am indulging in a little wine, not a blender of booze.  Additionally, I am not too devastated by the thought of Monday.  I will naturally feel differently tomorrow morning, but I can’t worry about that now.

About the run:  22 minutes, over a mile and a half, and it felt pretty good.  I was only sorry I was out of milk, so I could not have my usual chocolate milk recovery beverage.  Bring On the week!




No Tricks Here!

I thought I could make a Running Commentary Post, because I went for a run after work.  Then as I was running, I thought, “This isn’t going to make a very good blog post.”  It did not seem to be making a very good run.  However, one must get through the crap runs on the way to the good ones.

In some ways it was not a bad run at all.  Most of the sidewalks were bare.  The sun was shining.  It was warm enough to run in shorts and short sleeves. In short, what was I complaining about?

Not exactly what it looked like today.

I wanted to put a picture of something I ran by.  I took this one of Meyers Park in Herkimer, NY earlier this year.  There is a little more snow now, although it is melting.  I am still trying to figure out what I was complaining about.  Oh, I remember now.  I was disappointed that my run was not more memorable.

Additionally, I was a little discouraged by my huffing and puffing.  I ran Saturday and Sunday, and walked on Monday.  I have been walking and/or running most days since the beginning of the year.  Shouldn’t I be getting better at it?  When I was in the army, I loved running, because I magically got better at it.  All I had to do was do it.  Maybe there is some trick to it now that I am older.  Still, I was in my 30’s when I joined the army.  That’s pretty old in army years.

There may be a trick to making a better blog post, too.  Once again, I don’t know it. But I shall persevere.  Once again I thank you for tuning in.


A Mixed Up But Not Monstrous Run

I mixed things up by running, which I rarely do on a Monday, so I thought I would further mix things up by doing a Running Commentary Post instead of my usual Monstrous Monday Post.  I suppose, though, that it is not unusual for me to be mixed up.  Never mind that: on with the post!

One reason I thought to go running was that the roads were pretty much bare, which they have not been and which they are unlikely to remain.  I had previously been toying with the idea of running in place on the mini-tramp, because I wanted to do laundry before taking my shower, one of my few instances of multi-tasking (also, I come home from work too dirty and stinky to want to just sit around before showering).  When I noticed the bare roads as I left work, I said, “Heyyy!”

Picture more snow not on the road but a less wet road.

Of course I thought to run by places I have pictures of in my Media Library.  I believe I used this picture of Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners in my last Running Commentary Post.  As I approached the Corners, my whole body was saying, “Oh, to hell with this!”  Imagine my chagrin to find I had been running for less than three minutes.

There was a little more snow surrounding this building as well.

I ran down several streets with no landmarks before heading toward Washington Street and this handsome building.  I was huffing and puffing and, according to my Garmin, running a bit faster than I have in the recent past.  My body was, as it often does, trying to convince me that a short run would be OK.  I suppose it would, but I have the Boilermaker 15K to train for.  Yes, I have time, but not forever.

This is where I pay my water bill.


I hoped to make it for 20 minutes while promising myself I would not beat myself up over 17 or even 15.  I was pleased with myself for doing a mile in just under 13 minutes.  I know, other people do a mile much faster, but I cannot go around comparing myself to others.

Again, picture more snow.

I added a little time to my run by going around Meyers Park the long way.  For one reason, it was left side facing traffic (as it happened, there was no traffic, but one likes to be prepared).  Additionally, I got to enter where it said Do Not Enter.  Regular readers know how I like to do that.

My run was just barely over 20 minutes, a little over a mile and a half.  I felt pretty pleased with myself, especially on a Monday. I want to be more regular about walking and running.  It lifts my mood in several respects, and sometimes it makes a pretty good blog post.  Or do I flatter myself?


Running Away From Depression?

I got on the Tablet thinking I was going to make a whiny Tired Tuesday Post but thought I might try instead for a little Running Commentary.  I took a couple of walks yesterday and decided today to just go ahead and run.  I thought, I don’t have to run far, I don’t have to run fast, but I am registered for the Boilermaker 15K in Utica, NY this summer.  I need to train for that.  Additionally,  exercise is a well-known and seldom used anti-depressant.  It might help.

I went first thing in the morning.  Well, second thing.  I had coffee first.  It was not too cold for February.  I put on leggings, long sleeves, a warm headband, and gloves.  This would be fine.

And it wasn’t too bad.  I told myself 20 minutes would be great but 15 would be enough.  I further told myself not to worry if I did a 15-minute mile.  Or even slower.  The important thing was just to go.

I find graveyards fascinating.

As I often do when I think I might make a Running Commentary Post, I ran by places I know I have pictures of in my Media Library.  Of course I love to walk and run by Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners regardless.  I am especially fond of the old gravestones surrounding Herkimer Reformed Church.  I crossed Main Street and continued on my way.

A handsome building.

Eventually I made my way by the former Baptist Church and future home of Herkimer Business and Professional Association.

I have not sent any post cards recently.

Soon I was going by the post office.

I actually passed this structure on the other side.

When I first started running in the village, I made it a rule to always run through Meyers Park.  Sometimes I run around it, as I did today.

I ended up running for 22 minutes, making a mile in under 14 minutes, so I felt fairly pleased with myself.  Alas, the anti-depressant effect was short-lived.  Perhaps if I continue to run on a regular basis and for longer periods of time it would help.  In the meantime, I guess I will just feel that way until I do not feel that way any more.


Public Pedestrian Post with Pics

I don’t go into work till noon on Thursdays, so I waited till the sun was up to take my walk.  I decided to take advantage of the light and bring my cell phone so I could make a Pedestrian Post with pictures.  Full disclosure:  I am not making the post on my phone as I walk but merely took the pictures.  I am now at my house, ten-finger typing on my dining-room-table-top (must get a new laptop one of these days).

The weather was cold and gloomy, with snow off and on.  It was off as I started but had stuck on the sidewalk, so I walked with caution and did not set as brisk a pace as I might have on bare pavement.  I admit I do not always set a particularly brisk pace no matter the walking surface, but today I felt I had an excuse.  I had a payment on a bill to put in the mail, so I was also walking with a purpose.  I headed towards the post office.

As I went through Meyer’s Park, I noticed they had taken the Christmas lights down from the gazebo.  Regular readers know I love to look at lights when I am walking, so I felt a little sad this morning.  Yes, yes, I know, it is January, Christmas is over, I should get on with my life.  I can still feel a little sad, can’t I?  Sheesh!  Anyways, I took a picture to share the gloomy scene.

I felt the dusting of snow added to the gloomy mood.

I soon made it to the post office and mailed the bill.  Then I crossed the street to take a picture of the post office.

A handsome building.

I continued towards Main Street, which I crossed and went by Municipal Hall. I felt I had a kind of a theme of public spaces going on here, so I took another picture.

This is where I use to go to register for the DARE 5K, when they used to have one.

Close by Municipal Hall is what used to be the Baptist Church but is now owned by the Business and Professional Association of Herkimer. Pre-Covid, there were big plans for the space.  I must reach out to the association and find out the current status of the building.

Another handsome building.

Having three pictures in my phone, I felt I had fulfilled my blogging obligation and concentrated on my walk.  I slid once on an icy patch, which was a little scary (I guess I am easily frightened), but I stayed upright and did not encounter any more ice.  Soon it began to snow like a Christmas card, so I thought I would try for a picture of that.

This is the path over what used to be a hydraulic canal.

I’m afraid I did not capture the snow.  It soon turned to a fine, not very visible snow, and I was soon finished with my walk.

My walk lasted 30 minutes, the longest since I started walking again after my bout of flu.  I felt pretty good about that.  I may try for a run on Saturday, but after my little slip on the ice, it will rather depend on the weather.


I Run Into a Blog Post

I return to daily blogging (I hope) with a Saturday Running Commentary Post. I am ten-finger typing on the laptop, instead of stylus pecking on the Tablet, just to give you the picture. Or was that uninteresting extraneous information (and is “uninteresting extraneous” a redundancy)? I answer no to both questions and continue with my post.

I was unable to sleep beyond five this morning (and most of the night as well, but never mind that). Coffee tasted good, and I enjoyed a cup and a half before getting into running clothes and setting out. I thought for something different I would turn in the opposite direction as usual, running toward State Street (also known as Route 5) instead of German Street. I could run out the path by the canal. I wanted a long, easy run, and that one is a good 50 minutes. I took a bottle of water, so I could hydrate as I ran.

Not two blocks from my house, I thought, “I don’t want to run 50 minutes!” Reason being I have not been doing 50 minute runs. Of course the 10K I recently ran in Little Falls took longer than that, but that was a special one-time thing. What was I thinking, jumping from 30-40 minute runs up to 50? Additionally, I wanted to be near the spring when I finished my water. I love Herkimer spring water.

Making a new plan as I went, I ran to Meyers Park and up through it. I admired the picnic tables that were donated from various sources for the Downtown Chowdown (perhaps you read my blog post about the Downtown Chowdown). I saw someone had added a child-sized table. Cute! I went down Park Avenue (ooh!) and turned up Prospect Street. I considered going instead to Main Street, so I could go by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners. However, I ran by the Corners yesterday so Prospect it was.

Right away I came to the Do Not Enter sign at Bellinger Avenue. Regular readers know I can rarely resist entering when it tells me not to. I did not resist it today. I ran all the way down Bellinger to its end by the high school. I ran across the little bridge and into the high school parking lot. This brought me near Valley Health Services, the residential area beyond, and of course the spring.

After some debating to myself, I ran up the hill by Valley Health. I find this hill to be challenging enough under most circumstances. It is neither as long nor as steep as the hill up to Herkimer College (previously known as HCCC), but I am not in the best of shape these days.

As I ran, I kept an eye on my Garmin (actually my friend Jay’s Garmin, which he graciously loaned me). My pace was not bad, for me. I make no apologies for my middle-aged shuffle. It suits me. I did not run up any other hills, but I kept going for just over three miles. Since my next goal is a 4 1/2 mile run at Iron Rock Brewing (sponsored by Rock City Runners) in September, I felt this was OK. It started raining as I ran the last two blocks, so I did not go on my usual cool-down walk.

And I see I am over 550 words. That is a long post for me, although sometimes my Running Commentaries do go on. It felt pretty good to run, and it feels even better to blog. As always, thank you for tuning in.

Blogging Is Not a Walk in the Park

I wanted to make a better blog post today so thought I would take a walk with my Tablet and do a Pedestrian Post with Pictures. Only where could I walk and snap where I have not snapped before? Hoping to find an answer, I set out.

My first thought was my beloved .Herkimer Historic Four Corners. For heaven’s sake, how many pictures have I taken of that? I continued down Bellinger Street. If this was yesterday, I could have gone to the Downtown Chowdown in Meyer’s Park, an event with food trucks and music. Well, maybe there would be some photo ops in Meyer’s Park anyways.

First I saw something apparently under construction surrounded by CAUTION tape. What could that be? Probably something worth a picture! Um, it turns out not so much. I took a picture anyways. I would probably mention it in the blog post (I did!), and my readers might be curious.

I’m not sure what it is.

Then I decided to take a couple of pictures of the 9/11 Memorial. I think I have taken pictures of it before but not for a while.

I didn’t sit on the bench.

Walking around the flowers, I took a close-up of some roses, then a shot of the whole thing.

I think the buds are prettier than the blooms.
The bench is behind it.

Further on was an older memorial, to soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. I should have run by that on Memorial Day. Once again, I took a close-up followed by a longer shot.

Having taken that many pictures, I felt free to continue my walk. I am trying to walk or run every day, because my legs seem to prefer it. Exercise is supposed to be good for one’s disposition as well. Is it good for my blog? I’ll let my readers be the judge of that.

Non Sequitur Stroll

I decided to take a walk with my phone (instead of my Tablet) for today’s Pedestrian Post.  Yes, it is the second post in a week of me taking a walk and snapping pictures.  That is why I am calling this a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post.

This tree previously had ghouls and skeletons hanging from it.

As I walked down German Street, I was a little sad to walk by a yard which had been very decorated for Halloween.  All that was left was a few brave yellow leaves!  So I took a picture.

A few more brave leaves.

Turning down North Washington Street, I tried to get a shot of a tree with leaves and a bare tree behind it.  I really love trees: green leaves, colored leaves, no leaves.

A bush by a bank, just to get alliterative.

I walked by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners but did not see another photo op till I walked down Main Street the red bush caught my eye.  Then I took a picture of bare branches in front of colored leaves in front of Basloe Library, another favorite spot.

Yes, it is still fall.

I headed over to Prospect Street and on to Meyers Park, where I knew there was still one pretty tree.

I got this shot on Park Avenue.

I had noticed this guy on my walk to the post office this morning.

This little tree caught my eye as I left the park.

As I got closer to home, I took a picture of a tree near my house.  It is one of my all time favorite trees.

I need to get a better shot of this one.

It was a pleasant walk.  I am taking more walks than usual these days.  I think it is good for me.  I hope it is good for the blog as well!


Good Music at the Chowdown

I have been interested in the Herkimer Downtown Chowdown for a while but did not make my way down till tonight. I had a letter I wanted to mail, so that worked out: I go right through Meyer’s Park on my way to the post office. I brought my Tablet to take some pictures, and made sure I had a mask.

I could smell tantalizing aromas as I got to the park. I had my purse with me but knew it would be far more sensible to go home and heat up leftovers. I mailed the letter first, then went back through the park, Tablet on Camera mode.

Italian Ice! Yum!

I wanted to get a picture of all the trucks, but I purposely tried not to get any people. Sad to admit, but I did not feel like talking to anybody, asking permission, taking names, etc.

Said to be good for allergies. However, I am pretty set for local honey right now.

I think I’ve heard about Brewvey Bites being other places locally. In any case, I like the punny name.

A big draw for me was live music by local musician Max Scialdone. I have heard him before and liked him. I stood by a tree and listened to a few songs. I especially liked Margaritaville. He substituted Herkimer for one of the Margaritavilles, and his whistling was awesome.

The tiki torches were a nice touch.

I was wishing I had brought a lawn chair, as some people had. However it was a little chilly for the way I was dressed (I had been misled by a hot flash before I left home). I enjoyed what I heard.

I don’t know how long the Chowdown will go on. The Facebook event says they are the second and fourth Monday from July to September. I’m glad they went at least one Monday in October, so I got a blog post in. I’ll have to watch to see if it happens again. If not, I shall look forward to next year.

Late Post, Good Run

I begin my Thursday with  Running Commentary Post.  For one reason, I never posted on Wednesday, and this way there is an off chance I will make two blog posts today.  Additionally, I got back from my run less than an hour ago.  IT! COULD! WORK! (That was a quote of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein)

I was ready to get up shortly after five.  Steven was still blissfully asleep, so it was a good day to start with a run.  When I looked out the window at the fog, my mind was made up.  I got ready quietly and off I went.

I have been running for several days in a row.  I really must go back to keeping a Running Journal so I can keep track of these things.  Yesterday I went for a long run up the hill to Herkimer College (previously known as HCCC), so I thought a shorter, easier run would be acceptable.

For most runs, I turn left out of my driveway and head toward German Street.  Today for something different, I turned right, going the way I go when I walk to the post office.  I went through Meyers Park, another familiar route for me.  When we first moved here and I started running again (after several sedentary years and gaining over 30 pounds), I made it a habit to always run through the park.  I went on really short runs in those days, but you have to start somewhere.

After the park, I headed toward Main Street.  I decided to keep going in roughly that direction till I had run for ten minutes then head home.  It would probably take me more than ten minutes to get home, what with following a different route, so that would be a good plan.

The plan worked fine.  I went on a couple of streets I don’t often go on (the village is too small for there to be many I’ve NEVER seen).  I admired several flower beds and envied a few screened porches.  I ran by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners.  I ran for 23 minutes.  To put that in perspective,  I ran 40 minutes yesterday,  33 the day before.

I still don’t have a plan for running my Virtual Boilermaker 15K,  but my training seems to be going  well.  I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Now to work on my writing!