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Running by the Rules

I had not gone running since Tuesday nor even taken a walk since Wednesday.  Yes, you can shake your finger at me, or your head, or your booty.  These things happen.   I did not even run Saturday.  So I made sure to go for at least a short one today.

Just 20 minutes, I told myself, just go for 20 minutes.  I had gotten up to 31 minutes last weekend, so by my Add Ten Percent rule I should have been up to 34 minutes today (I didn’t make that up, the guy at the Sneaker Store told me about it a long time ago; I guess it’s a thing) (although knowing me, I probably don’t do it right).  But after missing four days, I followed the Give Myself a Break rule.

It was much chillier than it was yesterday but not too bad.  Until the wind picked up.  Yikes!  Fortunately it did not blow fiercely for the entire run.

I started out taking the opposite direction from what I usually do, heading away from German Street.  Then I took a right onto Church Street, heading towards Valley Health, where there is a nice hill I could run up.  However, when I got closer I again followed the Give Myself a Break rule and turned into the high school parking lot.

You have to picture it without the leaves on the trees.

I  observed as I ran that I was heading the same way as the water.  When I run up to Herkimer College the back way (which I have not done in a long time), there is a little creek running downhill.  I always think the water is laughing at me, “Hey, you!  You’re going the wrong way! Downhill is much better!”  At the high school, it is a more gradual slope.

My run was not feeling bad.  My body did not protest much at all.  I turned a few corners, debating on the best way to get back home anand still take at least 20 minutes.  Additionally, I tried to run with the sun not too much in my eyes.  It is annoying and can give me a headache.

All the snow was gone today.

I ran through Meyer’s Park, as I often like to do.  I wanted to go up Prospect Street as far as the Do Not Enter sign on Bellinger Avenue.  Regular readers know how I like to enter when it says not to.

On another topic…

I was unsuccessfully  searching my Media Library for a picture of the Do Not Enter sign when I saw this utterly appropriate photo.  I personally am indulging in a little wine, not a blender of booze.  Additionally, I am not too devastated by the thought of Monday.  I will naturally feel differently tomorrow morning, but I can’t worry about that now.

About the run:  22 minutes, over a mile and a half, and it felt pretty good.  I was only sorry I was out of milk, so I could not have my usual chocolate milk recovery beverage.  Bring On the week!




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