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Monday Mosey

I think I have used that title before.  However, I took a few pictures while walking earlier so I thought a Pedestrian Post with Pictures would be nice.  Just a little change from Monstrous Monday.

The main reason I wanted to walk was to mail a letter I forgot to take with me when I left the house this morning.  I thought if I brought it to the post office by five it would still go out today.  Additionally, I was going to meet my friend Kim for a libation.  We both had kind of a rough day and wanted to commiserate.

After some commiseration and conversation at the End Zone Pub in Herkimer, she went on to a meeting, and I walked home.  When I had first set out, I had thought I might take a couple of pictures but encountered no photo ops.  On the way home, however, I noticed some snowdroos.


I think there are some white violets in the shot as well.  I do love flowers.

Preview of Coming Attractions.

When I passed Basloe Library I noticed some green poking up.  I look forward to seeing them grow and bloom.

Two handsome buildings.

As I continued up Main Street, I was struck by the Episcopal Church  (now sadly closed) and the Herkimer County Court House.  The latter is part of my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners.  The picture does not quite do them justice, but I tried.

It was a pleasant little walk.  I took a slightly longer walk before work this morning, but the lighting was not so good for pictures then.  I do enjoy a walk, and I hope my reader’s enjoy reading about it.  Once again, thank you for tuning in.




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