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An Unexpected Walk

Yesterday I left the house about twenty minutes before five with a plan to go shopping then to Fratello’s for food and music (it was Wednesday, guess I’m back to my Wednesday night thing), and I said, “Oh no.  It is too beautiful out.  Go for a walk, Cindy.  Even a short walk. Go for a walk.”

I did not have to work very hard to convince myself.  I locked the bag with my notebook and Tablet (I try never to go anywhere without a notebook) in the car and went back inside for my Garmin (I figured I might as well track the walk and record it in the Fitness Journal).  I kept my phone with me so I could take a few pictures along the way.

I was soon sorry I had not changed into better sneakers.  I was wearing a pair of the little canvas ones that are oh so cute but offer no support.  I further realized I was not even wearing a matched pair.  You see, I have several pairs because I used to buy them whenever they went on sale at K-mart (autocorrect does not recognize K-mart as a word. Sad!), and they get mixed up.  Both sneaks were blue, but one was clearly more worn than the other.  Never mind, just keep walking.

This one didn’t turn out so good,

I knew there were snowdrops on a yard down the street, because I had seen them when I was running.  Full disclosure:  I did not know they were called snowdrops.  My mom told me when I referred to “those little white flowers.”

I quite agree.

Not a flower, but a good sign I felt like sharing.  I must get down to Basloe Library and get one for my front lawn.

My favorite!

I was quite jealous when I saw somebody else’s crocuses were blooming.  I saw some tiny green shoots in my own yard, so I hold out hopes for my own.

I enjoyed my walk very much and look forward to more, with more spring growth!



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  1. Looks like you had a good day. You deserve that. I do believe you may have started a fashion statement with your sneakers. You do it with socks. You do it with ear rings. And now sneakers. How cool is that!!!! We love you. ❤️❤️☮️


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