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I Wine a Little

Friday nights I often go to Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer for a wine tasting.  It is a nice start to my weekend.  I have been remiss about making blog posts about them, but this past Friday’s was so memorable, I shall make the effort.

The tasting was of Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards in the Finger Lakes.  I love New York State wines!  Additionally,  I have been to Hazlitt.  My late husband, Steve, and I went there on our first Finger Lakes wine tasting tour in 2003.  I subsequently visited with my sisters and Mom on other tours.  I naturally told all this to Brian, the gentleman pouring.

Brian was very personable.  He said he used to have a whole spiel about the wines he poured but found people would rather tell him what they tasted rather than having him tell them what to taste.

“I like to hear about the grapes,” I said, “or hear the story of the wine.” Brian was able to supply this information as well.

He was a little reluctant to have his picture taken, but I think it turned out OK.

I tried several wines, taking my usual sophisticated notes such as, “I like this one.”  I was having a great time chatting with Brian and the other people tasting.  I only wished my friend Kim was there to enjoy the sweet wines.  Hazlitt makes Red Cat, one of her favorites.  Brian promised to return for another tasting, so Kim could be there.

He was giving out koozies of different colors.  He gave me a pink one then added a Red Cat koozie for Kim.  He said to tell her he said hello and thanks for being a Red Cat fan.

I see I have not talked about any of the wines.  There was a variety, ranging from dry to sweet. Perhaps I can talk more specifically when Hazlitt returns for another tasting.

Wine does out a smile on my face!


Since I had taken Brian’s picture, he thought he should take mine.  I feel I am not photogenic, but perhaps my readers will be amused by my goofy grin.




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  1. Aww, you are definitely photogenic


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