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Oh Yeah, Tired Tuesday

I just this minute remembered I ought to make a blog post today.

Just to make it look like I have been doing something.

Earlier tonight I had a rehearsal for Shooting at the Grange, the murder mystery we are putting on to benefit Salisbury Grange on April 29.  I think it went OK.  Herkimer Elks Lodge graciously allowed us to use their space for our rehearsal. I love those guys at the Elks Lodge!

We plan to rehearse at the Elks Lodge again tomorrow then at the Grange on Thursday.

I can’t wait for everybody to see the Grange!

Here is a photo from when I visited the Grange’s Open House a couple weekends ago.  One of my cast members went there too.  I was so pleased!  I think it is a great space and I am very excited to perform there.  I am only disappointed I do not have a role in this murder mystery.

I had hoped to take a couple of rehearsal shots from tonight’s run-throughs for this post.  However, since I was reading one of the parts myself, I neglected to do so.

Not exactly a related photo.

I searched my Media Library for a picture from another murder mystery at the Elks Lodge and found this one from Donate to Murder in November 2021.  It was to benefit Herkimer County Historical Society.  This fall we may do one to benefit the Elks.  After all, they have been so nice to us about rehearsal space!



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  1. We enjoy reading your blog! Your unconventional perspective and real voice make a difference in the world. Keep sharing, because your thoughts make a difference. Thank you for being yourself!

    Thanks – TheDogGod


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