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I Wuss Out on my Post Rehearsal Post

Wuss-out Wednesday follows Tired Tuesday,  we all know that.  Or I could call this All Shooting at the Grange All The Time. Full disclosure: I am ready to call it a day and go to bed, with or without a blog post.  What, me go to bed without making a blog post? Say it ain’t so! Additionally,  I am working on my Tablet with a stylus pen that does not work as well as some I have worked with.

Might as well share this again.

I think I heard they have sold out for Saturday.  This is bad news for some cast members who had loved ones who would like to see the show.

When I was better about getting rehearsal shots.

I put in a picture from another murder mystery rehearsal, because I did not get any pictures of tonight’s activities.  I hope to get pictures tomorrow,  when we plan to rehearse at the Grange.

From my Media Library,.

The Grange will look different tomorrow.  They will have tables set up for that sold-out crowd.  We must decide where we will do our part.  Actually I use the term “our” lightly as I do not have an actual role in Saturday’s script.

So this is my Wuss-out Wednesday Post for the week.  Thank you for tuning in.



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