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Good Run! Good Post?

I had a really good run this afternoon, and I am a little surprised I did.  Perhaps I can surprise myself again with a decent Running Commentary Post.  No promises.

It has been difficult to run regularly lately, partly because of rehearsals for Shooting at the Grange (guess I haven’t finished talking about that yet) and partly because of the weather.  It rains! It stops! It rains again!  Monday it rained, and I said, “Good, I’m off the hook!”  I took a shower and got dressed to go grocery shopping.  Then as I left the house, it was bright and sunny.  What the hell, Mother Nature?

I ran on Tuesday but not on Wednesday, so Thursday was clearly a good day to go.  It rained during the day but had stopped when I left work.  Perfect!  There were a few dark clouds, but I couldn’t worry about that.  I made a couple phone calls, business, nothing very interesting.  I mention it merely to give a time frame.  Also, I feel a little proud of myself, because usually if I delay getting ready and running, I talk myself out of it.

Earlier today I had a vision of myself running in the residential area behind Valley Health Services.  I have not run there recently.  Most of my runs have been closer to home as I slowly build my time back up.  My weekday runs have been especially short, as I often let myself off the hook after a full day at work.  Today I thought I would try for a little longer.

I made it to that area and ran a couple hills along the way, nothing too impressive.  I ended up not running considerably longer than previously, but I did run a little faster.  Of course my fast runs are like other runners’ slow runs.  One does what one can.  I felt pleased with myself.

As I walked my cool-down walk, I reflected, sometimes beating up your body is just what you need.  After I showered and got dressed to go to the store (dull errand, not worth mentioning), it was pouring rain.  Me have good timing?  That’ll never happen again!



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