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A Little Slice of my Saturday

I left Mohawk Valley Community Market in Herkimer, NY, yesterday and walked up Main Street toward Basloe Library.  I had meant to stop at Basloe and pick up a book I had placed on hold, but I had previously decided I did not want to read that book after all.  Me and my indecisiveness!

One of my favorite places in Herkimer.

I took a picture of the building for future use in the blog, you know, when I mention that I ran by there in a Running Commentary Post.  Previously I have used a picture of the sign that was in front of the building, but that sign has been gone for a while now.  No, I did not notice when it disappeared.  It is embarrassing to admit how unobservant I can be.

Libraries usually have great signs.

I also took a picture of the sign near the door.  I posted it on Facebook with the comment, “Personally, I shall always be clueless, and every month is mystery month!”  I thought it was witty, but perhaps I flatter myself.

When I was taking the pictures, I thought I could use them with the pictures from Mohawk Valley Community Market, making one long post.  Then I thought my post was getting long enough, so I thought, “Oh, I’ll just get two blog posts out of it.”  Just a little glimpse into my blogging mentality.  Thank you once again for joining me.



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