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It LiFTs My Spirits

Rehearsals begin tonight for Love’s Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare, presented by Lift, Little Falls, NY Theatre Company. Full Disclosure: I am not at rehearsal. I’m not in that scene. But I am very excited for rehearsals to start. I have been studying my lines.

In light of this, I would like to throw back to past LiFT productions for my Throwback Thursday Post.

You tell her, Prospera!

Here is a dramatic scene from a performance of The Tempest in 2017 (why does autocorrect always delete the first digit of any number over 10?).

And here are a few posed shots.

A less dramatic moment.

The above picture was some LiFTers in January 2020, trying to make a plan to bring Shakespeare back to Little Falls that summer. We all know how that year worked out.

I thought I had some other pictures but as usual am having trouble navigating my Media Library. It will soon be time for me to start sharing new pictures. In the meantime, I hope this will do. Once again, thank you for tuning in.

Sad Yard, High Hopes

In lieu of my usual Lame Post Friday Post, I thought I would share the Before pictures of my back yard for a Photo Friday Post.

The shade obscures some of the brown overgrowth.

This is where there was once some semblance of a garden but last year was merely a large patch of Black-eyed Susans, chives, and a couple of things I did not plant.

I picked up that big stick at least.

The fence needs work, too.

Last fall, the son of a friend nicely patched a hole in my garage roof. He left behind some materials. I suppose it adds to the general ambiance.

And then there is my container garden, which I also did not clean up at the end of the season. What can I say? 2020 was a lousy year for me, and I did not do enough to make it any better. However, there is no point in lamenting the past. I can only move on to the future.

With that in mind, I plan my Saturday activities. More yard work? A trip to a local flower barn or greenhouse? Whatever it is, I’ll try to make a good blog post about it. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.