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An Unhealthy Use of Notebooks?

So I’ve been writing since I got home from work.  Actually, first I stomped around the house looking for the notebook I thought my article was in.  When I finally found it, I could not find the article.  You see, when I write in a notebook, I don’t always start on the first page and continue through in an orderly fashion.  I use different sections for different projects.  Then I run out of sections and put different projects in the same sections as the first projects.  Additionally, sometimes I use a notebook for a while, then put it down for a while, then go back to it.  Being of a reduce/reuse/recycle mind, I sometimes go through and write on the backs of pages, which gets thing all mixed up.

As I say, it is not easy being me, but it can be entertaining.

I ended up going through three notebooks, two of which I had to search for, one page at a time and did not find the article I had started writing.  At last, I remembered a fourth notebook.   I knew right where that one was.  It may amuse you to hear that I had left that notebook opened to the unfinished article.  What is it with me?

So I think one article is done, but my second article needs work.  In the meantime, after all the stomping, searching, and flipping, THEN trying to write, I am, once again TIRED!  I think I need to start living a healthier lifestyle.  Less fattening food, more exercise.  Vegetables.  Maybe some meditation.  What other healthy things are we supposed to do?  Oh yes, less screen time.  And here I am on my computer!  Luckily, I am over 250 words.  I call that respectable for a blog post.  Or should I call it healthy?


Trying to Write on Tired Tuesday

If you tuned in today hoping to read an inspirational post about how miraculously I upped my game today, as I said I was going to do yesterday, I am afraid you will be disappointed.  However, if you were hoping for a foolish Tired Tuesday post, you came to the right place!  In point of fact, I feel I did up my writing game somewhat.  I wrote two articles for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I’m letting them set before I re-read them and email them out.  However, I did not up my running game, my house cleaning game, or any other game in which I participate.  Well, one thing at a time, one thing at a time.

I do not know why I am so damn tired.  Yes, I worked all day.  I work five days a week, as do many people.  I worked eight hours, again, as do many people.  I am actually hoping to get a little overtime in the near future, so I guess I don’t know what the hell I’m thinking.

You know, looking over what I have written for this blog post so far, I think I had definitely better re-read those articles before I email them out.  They might be TERRIBLE!

Brain, oh brain, where are you now?


I thought I’d throw in a picture quick, to distract my readers from the lameness of this post.

A timely reminder for me.

Before writing this foolishness, I enjoyed a post by a blogger I follow, Granny K.  She philosophized about Tuesday, saying it was a sad day.  I feel a little sad myself.  Let’s all try for a better day on Wednesday.


Writing about Writing and Not Writing

How long has it been since I’ve had a real Tired Tuesday post?  Has it been a whole week already?  (Um, that was a joke.)  I have no real reason to be so tired.  I went to bed in a timely fashion last night.  I worked a normal eight hour day.  We’ll blame it on the weather.  Some people thrive in the heat and humidity.  Some of us, not so much.

I did write today.  Before my shift at work began I wrote diligently on an article to submit to Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I concluded it on a break and felt pleased.  That was when I realized something about myself.  When I finish a piece of writing, my impulse is to stop.  I think, “Ah, done,” and I want to close the notebook and move on to something else not writing.  I don’t think this always happens, but it certainly happened to me today.

However, I did not want it to happen today.  I couldn’t think what to write a blog post about, but I had another topic for the magazine. I looked in my notebook,  to see if I had started anything on it.  I had not but found a letter I had started to a friend two weeks ago.  I worked on that.  I consider that all writing counts.  Full disclosure:  I spent one break working on a crossword puzzle with a co-worker.  I do like that mental stimulation.

I felt dreadfully tired for most of the day.  That is why I believe the weather is to blame.  Back home from work, I ran in place on the mini-tramp for 22 minutes.  It was not easy.  I think I run faster on the mini-tramp than I do on the sidewalk.  It is definitely bouncier.  When I finished that I felt so tired I didn’t want to continue standing long enough to take a shower.  However, with the amount of sweat and stink I had accumulated by then, the shower was the best place for me.

I managed to type my article into the computer, looking a couple of things up, adding and editing.  I like to think I’m a good writer.  I emailed the article to my husband Steven, so he can offer his opinion.

But my blog post, my blog post, I MUST publish a blog post!  So as you see, I sat at the laptop and just typed.  I hope my readers will find some entertainment in my words.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.