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Steve Is Up, And I Have Coffee

I started to make a post last night but thought, “I can’t make another Throwback Thursday Post! I had a headache anyways (had one all day) so went to bed early. Now it is prior to five on Friday morning, coffee isn’t done yet, cable is on the fritz, my husband is still in bed, headache in abeyance (pray God that continues!), and any blog post at all seems like a pretty good thing to do.

By the way, you may have noticed that I said “five in the morning,” NOT “5 a.m. in the morning.” Remember that: you only have to say “a.m.” OR “in the morning.” You do not have to say both, and indeed it is incorrect to do so. The weather people keep saying things like, “tomorrow morning at 5 a.m.” and I shout at the television, “You said ‘in the morning,’ you don’t have to say ‘a.m.’ ! ”

I do not shout very loudly; I’m not a maniac, after all. Still, it amazes me that a society that insists on saying “merch” and “the fam” because they can’t be bothered with saying “mercandise” and “the family ” (I believe I wrote a blog post on the subject) does not mind putting in the extra syllables to say “a.m. in the morning.”

Well, that rant got me to 200 words. I guess I’ll throw in a picture to pep things up and have some coffee.

Can’t wait to see this!

And it’s April 1. We have that going for us.


Is This Literally a Bad Post?

A point to ponder:  Why would you call a premeditated murder “unthinkable”?  If it was premeditated, obviously somebody put some thought into it.

Actually (now that I THINK about it), “unthinkable” is kind of a dumb word.  I mean, you can think about anything.  Try to think of something unthinkable.  You can’t, because you just THOUGHT of it!

I know, I know, it is not a word that is meant to be taken literally.  And here I am using “literally” in its actual (literal) meaning, not the way some people use it, indiscriminately for emphasis (as in, “I’m LITERALLY starving to death!”).  I realize that “unthinkable” means “I hate to even think about it” or “I would never even think of doing that!”  or words to that effect (incidentally, that is one of my favorite expressions: “words to that effect”).

Sometimes I just wish people would learn more words so they could use a word that means what they mean it to mean (if you see what I mean).

I suppose one could argue (and there is always one that will argue) (you know who you are, although you probably deny it) that the language is always evolving.  Expressions fall out of favor, phrases are coined, slang terms magically appear.  It just bothers me when they do because people are too damn lazy to find the right word so they just use any old word that’s handy.

Then again, who am I to complain about anybody’s laziness?  I am going to be lazy enough to end this post here and call it Non-Sequitur Thursday.  I hope you are not literally mad at me.  That would be unthinkable.


I Wilnot Apologize Again

This morning, I thought I would not write a Non-Sequitur Thursday post, I would write a real post. I wrote the following:

Steven and I left the Herkimer County Humane Society and headed for Ilion Farmer’s Market.

I can’t write. I’m too ill. That was a contradiction. How much time in this blog do I spend WRITING that I cannot write? And why is cannot one word but you don’t combine “not” with other words? Didnot would be a little awkward, because of the dn, but how about willnot? You could even drop one l, wilnot, a marvelous savings over time, especially when one considers the number of things one wilnot do (or at least says one wilnot then turns around and does it anyways; don’t you just hate that?)(donot you just hate that?).

I wrote a few more paragraphs about how crappy I felt, but really, the above is the only one worth reading. I admit to being amused by it myself.

So, yeah, still sick. I went to the doctor today at a thing called Convenient Care at Bassett Health in Herkimer. I suppose it would be appropriate to do a blog post on them, but the stuff they prescribed for my nausea hasn’t kicked in yet (hasnot?). Perhaps I could go on for a couple of more paragraphs about how hard it is to write when your nauseous, but I guess I’ve already touched on the irony of writing about not writing (for about the 8,347th time).

As a side note: I just completed two years of writing this blog. How cool is that?