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No Wonder I’m Tired

For this week’s Tired Tuesday entry, I will give a brief summary of some of Steven’s and my movements last Saturday. Regular readers will recall that this was Steven’s Birthday Weekend. He and I took three days off to celebrate. I went back to work today. It should surprise no one that I am tired.

Our first stop Saturday morning was a certain big box store which shall here remain nameless, because I don’t think they need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl. Of course I prefer to shop at a distinctive local retailer, but alas, the Mohawk Valley does not boast one that sells the kind of yarn I like.

After purchasing our yarn and bread (we are nothing if not eclectic), we went to breakfast, which formed the subject of yesterday’s post (perhaps you read it). From there we went to the post office. I wanted to mail some postcards I had written and purchase some postcard stamps for future postcards. While there, we noticed a couple of fliers for future events.

After that, we wanted to visit the Herkimer Community Museum, but we were too early. However, the museum is handily located next to Basloe Library, so we moseyed over there. In the library, we enjoyed looking at a display of old pictures of Herkimer. What a bustling Main Street our village used to have. Perhaps one day it will bustle again. I will certainly write about it here when it does. Of course I also found a couple of books to check out, one of which I had finished by Monday.

The museum still was not open, so we went home to regroup before continuing our Birthday Weekend adventures.

NOTE: Looking back at that headline, I perceive that some readers may still wonder why I am tired. I mean, store, breakfast, post office, library. Run of the mill errands. However, I am too tired to think of a more appropriate headline, so I’ll let it stand. Please join me on Wednesday, when I will strive not to wuss out.

About My “About”

It is Wrist to Forehead Sunday and I’m not apologizing. Oh, that’s an oxymoron that I love: I’m sorry but I’m not apologizing.

I just wrote my “About.” You know, when somebody goes to your homepage, they can click on “About” and read a little blurb about what your blog’s all about. I started this blog in May of 2011 and never wrote one. From then till now, it just said, “You can put stuff here about your blog.”

I actually wrote my “About” a couple of weeks ago, after I had written that day’s post (handwritten in a spiral notebook while on break at work) and still had a little oomph left. I never got it typed into the computer. Then I mislaid the notebook (I thought I had left it at Brian’s Roast Beef Deli, but they can’t find it). Let that be a lesson to me. So today I finally sat down and composed an “About” at the keyboard (much like I’m composing this post), thinking, “Well, maybe I can write today’s post about how I wrote my “About.”

How’s it working out for me?

Now that I’ve actually written the “About,” I’m thinking of a few other things I could have mentioned, like my husband and my dog, both of whom figure prominently in many posts. Oh well, I can always go back and edit it in another 22 months.