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A Truly Pedestrian Post

Alas, Saturday Running Commentary does not return this week. It was supposed to rain this morning and let me off the hook. It did not. However, I didn’t feel like running so I darn well didn’t. In my defense, the house still felt stuffy and humid. We opened the front and back doors, hoping to get a cross-breeze. I thought I might change my mind after a cup of coffee. I did not.

I did, however, write four postcards which my schnoodle Tabby and I walked to the post office to mail around 8:30. Therefore, I make bold to offer a Pedestrian Post for your Saturday reading pleasure (or whatever day you decide to read it; I should not like to dictate others’ reading schedules).

When we walked last night the humidity made my crazy old lady had uncomfortable. This morning did not seem too sunny so I went without it again. I had showered and put on a fairly respectable-looking outfit with earrings, so I did not feel that I needed it for a disguise anyways.

Oh, I love to walk. It feels so good on my legs. Tabby likes it too, although sometimes it seems she mostly likes to stop and sniff. Almost every telephone post and tree as well as many random patches of grass command her attention. I must envy how easily she is entertained. Then again, I was reasonably entertained by the walk and I don’t have her sense of smell.

She kept wanting to go a different way from me at the corners and even tried to pull me across the street between corners, but I kept her on track. When we got to the post office she was reluctant to go in which is unusual. Once again, I convinced her. She seemed interested in a gentleman waiting for the window to open, but we did not approach him. He said she was cute. Tabby was happy when we left the post office, because I told her that now we’d go which way she wanted to go.

She took me over to Main Street, then down around Albany and up Prospect, which is a route we often take on Saturdays. I was soon feeling it was a good thing I had not gone running. I think it was even more muggy than last night. Even walking at a leisurely pace with frequent stops I was becoming overheated. I wondered if the weather was entirely to blame or if menopause was rearing its ugly head. Then again, finger-pointing gets us nowhere.

I was happy to return home to the benign influence of my fans (um, I mean the electric fans that blow air on me, not the other kind) (although I appreciate them too) (you know who you are, and for the rest, yes I KNOW it’s not you, you don’t have to make unkind remarks). I’m afraid my walk was dull and the post about it likewise. But I enjoyed my walk in a gentle, unexciting kind of way, and hope others found the same about the blog post.

Hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.