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Also, I Have a Headache

Well, this sucks.  And by “this,” I’m afraid I mean me.  Or perhaps, less globally, this post.  Let me explain…

Friday (yesterday) I thought I was going to have to work Saturday morning, meaning I had very little time to accomplish  all I had to do before heading to Syracuse on Saturday, which, incidentally,  I plan on doing (um, I mean, I’m not leaving my house,  I’m here with  my gun, my guard dogs and my best friend the Chief of Police) (and there’s nothing here to steal,  anyways) (but if you disregard the preceding two parenthetical comments and come over to rob me anyways, please clean the bathroom while you’re here).

Where was I?  Ah yes, planning in my head all I had to get done and in fact coming up with an awesome plan whereby I got it all taken care of.  The plan was not implemented, however, when my Saturday overtime got  cancelled.  Guess how many things on my list got accomplished?  NOT MANY!!!

I bet you thought I was going to say “none.”  However, I did paint  my toenails (hey, it was important to ME), go running (an hour and twenty minutes with lots of hills!),  got my shopping done, packed most of our stuff, and visited  the Herkimer County Historical
Society and 1834 Jail with my sister and some friends.

One thing I did not do was make my blog post.  Waaaaaait a minute.