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And So It Begins

I got an email last week about a table reading for Love’s Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare, the play to be presented by LiFT, the Little Falls, NY Theatre Company during the Canal Days this August (ooh, that was a long sentence).

Full disclosure: My friend Kim told me about it first, and I went searching through my emails till I found it. I have four email addresses and sadly do not check them all on a regular basis. Be that as it may, I am really excited to be starting Shakespeare again.

Of course there is that little voice in my head that says, “What are you thinking? You’re tired all the time. Your brain does not function at the capacity it once did, and you still haven’t found time to clean the damn house! How the hell are you going find the oomph to be in a play?”

To that voice, I explain, “Shut up.”

I wrote the above on Monday, because I was too excited to wait till the read-through to start blogging about LiFT and Shakespeare. We had the read-through last night, and it was FUN! There were people I have worked with before and have not seen in a while. There were new to me people (I mean, they weren’t brand new people) (I don’t think), and people who were new to the threatre. The more experienced people assured the newcomers that they would catch right on and have a lot of fun. Indeed, as we read, they certainly seemed to.

Now I have a great motivation to accomplish the elusive WordPress upgrade and share pictures of this new cast as we rehearse another Shakespeare play. No time to write more! I have to start learning my lines.

But I’m Not IN the Play

I thought of that title as I realized it would be a good idea to make my blog post NOW, before leaving the house, although I do plan to return.  I am going to attend the first read-through of Shattered Angel, the play being presented by Herkimer County Historical Society in cooperation with Ilion Little Theatre. I have neither a part nor a clearly defined backstage role, but I have proffered my services wherever needed.  Additionally, I want to write blog posts about it.

If anybody noticed me whining about my health yesterday (in addition to whining about a parade costume), they may like to hear that I felt much better today.  I even felt energetic enough to do a load of laundry, print out the character sheets for the murder mystery I’m working on (preview of coming attractions), and go to the read-through (of course, I have not done the last thing yet, but I feel energetic enough for it) (and if I stop feeling so energetic, there are a couple of couches in the lobby of the theatre; I am ready for any eventuality).

We’re all pretty pumped about this read-through, because we finally got a full cast.  It’s TERRIBLE when you don’t have enough actors!  Of course I am flabbergasted that this could ever be the case at all.  I love to be in a play.  I thought lots of people did.  I spent junior high, high school and college auditioning for plays I never got a part in.  I’m still a little miffed about some of them, so let us not dwell on these dreary memories.

I suppose some of you are thinking I should have written my blog post AFTER the read-through, so that I might have had more to say about the play (you know who you are).  Don’t worry!  I’ll write another blog post tomorrow!