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I Love Vampires on Monstrous Monday

A sentiment often shared.

If I had stuck with retail hours, perhaps Monday would be less heinous.  However, Friday would be less joyous.  We make these trade-offs in life.  This by way of introduction to another Monstrous Monday post.  My life is not so horrible, by the way.  I feel happy to have gotten through Monday. I do not worry about what Tuesday will bring.

“Pull the string! Pull the string!”

This is Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood, a tour de force performance in an excellent movie.  I will be watching that movie again soon, as it is one of my favorite Halloween movies.

No Smoking, but he is smoking hot!

This is related in a twisted way.  Martin Landau plays Bela Lugosi,  who is well known for playing a vampire.  Here is a well known vampire, Blackula.  It’s a good flick. I would like to have it in my collection.

“I bid you velcome.”

To cap things off, here is Bela Lugosi himself as Dracula.  That brings things to a nice conclusion, I think.  Maybe not, though.  Maybe I should have closed with Boris Karloff, to hook into the first image.   Oh dear.  Well, we cannot always do the ideal thing.  At least I have made my Monstrous Monday post.



It Is Friday, After All

I just wrote (typed, really) a paragraph that I did not find too despicable, then realized I have probably said something quite similar on previous Lame Post Fridays. Perhaps several times. Oh dear.

A long time ago I instituted Lame Post Friday as a way to relax myself and celebrate the weekend. I had recently gone from a job with retail hours to a Monday through Friday job. The thrill of Friday has never quite worn off.

Ooh, that raises a potentially lame topic: When one has a Monday through Friday job, is the Thrill of Friday outweighed by the Drudgery of Monday? And for some people, the sadness begins on Sunday. I’m sitting here trying to think of a descriptive noun for Sunday. Not the Dread of Sunday, because that sounds like we’re dreading Sunday when we’re really talking about the Dread of Monday on Sunday, and that’s just not symmetrical enough for me. I’ll work on it.

In the meantime, I’ll finish out the post with something that amused me on a run that did not make it into the blog post. This will not only be amusing, it will make up for not having a Non-Sequitur Thursday yesterday.

As I ran through Myers Park, I wondered how “Myers” was spelled, in case I wanted to mention it in the blog post. I saw the sign that told how the space was previously a cemetery but the bodies were moved to make it a park. That naturally made me think of the movie Poltergeist, particularly the climactic scene, which I found quite hilarious, with Craig T. Nelson yelling at the real estate guy, “You son of a bitch, YOU DIDN’T MOVE THE BODIES!!!” While rotting corpses surged out of the mud. It was cool.

And that’s my post for today. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.