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Shout-out for Shoes

I do not have a good excuse for making my Thursday post on Friday morning, but at least I woke up a little earlier today. Never mind that, on with a Throwback Thursday post.

Steven making with the feet.

I wondered what I was posting a year ago (although that is not throwing back very far, it still counts). A check of my Media Library reminded me that I am usually going to Melfe’s in Ilion, NY, for work shoes. I like to go in January, because they give you a free t-shirt or hat. I was wearing the hat I got from Melfe’s yesterday. Melfe’s also offers sneakers, nurses shoes and other footwear. I was totally going to purchase a supportive pair of thong sandals, but summer got away from me and I never made it back.

A quality selection of safety footwear.

I guess this post has turned into a shout-out to a local business, but that is all right with me. After all, one of the main purposes of the blog is to tout the good things about the area, and Melfe’s is certainly deserving of the tout. The service is great, the selection is quality, and I have two more weeks to get in there and get my shoes and free t-shirt. I hope they still have my size.

Melfe’s is located at 64 Central Ave., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-894-4049.


Thanks Again, Melfe’s!

Last Saturday, Steven accompanied me on my yearly jaunt to Melfe’s Shoes in Ilion, NY, for work shoes.  I just love that place!  Vicki, who has helped us before was there, as was a young man I had not seen before.  He brought out my selections with a friendly smile.

He was equally cheerful about having his picture taken for my blog.

Vicki told us he was David, who attends college in Cortland but returns every year to help them with their January rush.

Steven got a pair of sneakers.  His feet have been bothering him lately, so I wanted him to get a quality pair.  Vicki helped him.

More service with a smile!

He ended up getting one of the best-fitting pair of sneakers he has ever had, because they had a pair of 10 1/2 EEEE in stock.  I didn’t know they made quadruple E.

Just a few of the shoes available.

It did not take us long, because we had good luck finding what we liked.  Sometimes I end up trying on pair after pair before I say, “I think we have a winner!”

Melfe’s also does shoe repair.  I have had several heel bottoms replaced on dress shoes.  Some people just go ahead and buy new shoes, but when I find a pair I like, I like to keep them for as long as possible.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Melfe’s is located at 64 Central Ave., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-894-4049.  They are open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, and 9 to 5 p.m. Saturday.


Me and Joan Crawford

The Mohawk Valley experienced some very cold temperatures yesterday. My place of employment became rather uncomfortable.

Regular readers (and WordPress tells me I have a few) know that I rarely blog about my work. It’s not that kind of a blog, and I don’t want to get in trouble with management (go ahead, call me a chicken). Well, this isn’t really about work.

I work in an old building, actually a series of old buildings all kind of hooked together. It is not very well insulated. The temperature varies from building to building and from section to section within each building. Guess which section in which building was the coldest. I suppose I can’t say for sure it was mine, because it’s really too big a place to check the whole thing out, but in my limited perambulations, where I work was cold.

Then I remembered: Joan Crawford. Joan Crawford always insisted that the sets of her movies be kept at cold temperatures, because it made the skin on her face tighter and minimized the appearance of wrinkles. I wash my face in cold water most mornings for that reason. Joan used to stick her face in a sink full of ice cubes, but that would involve a trip down to the kitchen for me and I’m too lazy to be beautiful.

Once I remembered Joan Crawford and her little beauty trick, I felt much better about everything. Of course I had to share my happiness, so I went and found my friend Sally and explained the whole thing to her.

“We’re glamorous!” I assured her. She was suitably impressed. I went back to work refreshed.

A short time later, I heard a voice exclaim, “Hey, isn’t that Joan Crawford?” It was Harry, a mutual friend of mine and Sally’s. “Wow! I thought it was Joan Crawford!”

I burst out laughing. I don’t suppose I’m hideous, but despite my earlier assurances to Sally, it was not one of my more glamorous moments. For one thing, I was wearing my knitted toque against the cold. No lipstick. My blue collar clothes of BDU pants, a t-shirt and steel toed work boots. He kept assuring me he thought it was Joan Crawford and I kept laughing. Afterwards I reflected, Harry is much younger than me. I’m not sure he knows who Joan Crawford is; he may have thought I meant Joan Collins.

The next time I had occasion to talk to Sally, I said, “I have so much in common with Joan Crawford!” She confessed to sharing my remarks with Harry, and told me a few silly things Harry had said about an unrelated topic (subject for another blog post? Watch out, Harry!).

Sometime later, I looked across at Harry and Sally and saw them pointing and laughing. I went over and demanded an explanation. It seems they were in the middle of a conversation when Harry had interrupted himself to say, “Oh my God, it’s Joan Crawford!” and I chose that moment to let out a huge, head-splitting yawn. Like I said, not my most glamorous day.

So today I told both Sally and Harry that I intended to use the episode for a blog post. I said regular readers may remember them as candidates for the role of French maid in a previous post. Harry’s one regret was that he had not picked more imaginative aliases. Perhaps Buttercup and Westley.

In conclusion, I think now we all know why I so rarely blog about my work. Happy Friday, everyone.