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Birdcage to Bedlam on Cinema Sunday

I tear my eyes away from the television screen to make a Sunday Cinema post.  It is my dear husband Steven’s birthday, and we have spent the day enjoying each other and a few movies.  However, blog posts must be made (that is, my blog posts, by me, and daily; others may follow their own rules of course).  We started with Bird Cage (1996), at Steven’s request.  I love that movie, too, although any Robin Williams movie will be forever bittersweet since his untimely death by suicide.  I apologize for the serious note in a blog that bills itself at “totally fun,” although I confess I am not really sorry.

I think this is a merry moment off camera.

I looked for a good picture of Williams with Nathan Lane in drag, but the best I could find was one of them laughing together.  I like that, though.  Laughing together is one of the joys of life.  After Bird Cage, I suggested another favorite of ours, Being Julia (2004) with the divine Annette Bening.  It is based on one of my favorite novels, Theatre by Somerset Maugham.  It is really an excellent adaptation.  I can see where each change is necessitated by the difference in medium from page to screen. Alas, I think my copy of Theatre was lost in the flood of 2013 (my stupid fault for leaving books in the basement, which I KNEW I should not have done) (but I digress).

She is marvelous, yes, and I would LOVE a cape like that!

Next I suggested Bedlam (1946) with Boris Karloff.  While looking for the DVD (it is not with our main collection for some inexplicable reason) (I think Steven is responsible) (but I digress), I came across The Bowery at Midnight (1942)  with Bela Lugosi. Lugosi or Karloff, I thought, let’s go with an old time monster movie guy.

Quite frankly, the poster is more exciting than the movie.

Bowery was not the thrill we were hoping for.  It had its moments, but it moved kind of slowly.  We were happy that I found Bedlam to put in next.

Even without the Frankenstein monster make-up, he is a creepy guy.

I wrote about that movie in a post some time ago.  Steven did not remember watching it, but when we watched it again, he remarked that it is a very good movie.  It has a good plot, with a good lesson.  I do like a story that teaches a lesson.

I might like to write a blog post one day that teaches a lesson.  Do I know enough or even act well enough myself to presume to teach anybody a lesson?  That sounds like a subject suitable for some half-baked philosophy on Lame Post Friday.  Why, that’s days away!  I’d better not think about that, or this will become Wrist to Forehead Sunday instead of Cinema Sunday.  I’d better get back to my movies. Happy Sunday, folks.


A More Serious Post

I can’t call this Wrist to Forehead Sunday, but I am too sad to write to write a proper post. I logged onto Facebook this morning to learn of a man’s suicide.

The man was not exactly a friend of mine, not even a Facebook friend. We were acquainted via a group (I shan’t mention which group, because I feel I should omit any potentially identifying details) which I enjoy very much. I would read his posts and comments with interest, and I always felt flattered when he would Like a comment I made. He was Facebook friends with my husband; they were in two groups together. He would sometimes comment on or Like Steven’s posts.

I just feel so unspeakably sad that this person I never physically met is not longer on the planet. I feel even more sad that it seems to be such a preventable death. Having struggled for many years with depression myself, I understand despair. I understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help. I can’t say I understand what this person was going through, because of course I don’t.

It is clear I have nothing wise and insightful to say. However, I will publish this anyways, because this is important. Suicide is a tragic waste of life. I don’t know what I can do about it, but I would like to figure out something.