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Billy Wilder, Can You Help Me Now?

I thought of making another Running Commentary post,  but that was much earlier today, while I was actually running.  Going for a run was about the extent of my usefulness for the day.  Well what do people expect out of me on a Sunday, anyways?  Regular readers know I often spend the day looking for a chaise lounge to swoon upon, dramatically posed with the back of my wrist against my forehead (hence the feature Wrist to Forehead Sunday).

Speaking of dramatic poses…

I shall attempt to peel my wrist off my forehead long enough for a Sunday Cinema post.   Earlier we watched Sunset Boulevard,  with Gloria Swanson and William Holden.  It was directed by Billy Wilder.  I suggested we continue the Billy Wilder theme with Double Indemnity.

They are an unsavory pair in this flick.

There are Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck.  Edward G. Robinson plays a supporting role,  my favorite character in the picture.

Steven wanted to take a break from movie watching, so I have a little time to ponder our next cinematic feature.


We could continue the Billy Wilder theme but on a lighter note with Some Like It Hot.

Two of my favorites.

Another Billy Wilder movie we love is Witness For The Prosecution.

I haven’t reached my breaking point yet.

Or we could forget Billy Wilder and movies, and just watch Snapped.



Watch Out for the Women on Cinema Sunday

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Cinema.  We got a later than usual start on the movie watching portion of our day so are only on our second movie.  I may have to pad this post with some remarks about the late lunch I made.  For one reason, I was making it during most of the first movie. Luckily, it was one I have seen before, The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946).

They are a steamy couple, yes.

Steven got the idea to watch this movie, because it was referenced on a short feature about film noir on TCM this morning.  Lana Turner certainly is a femme fatale, but she is far less evil than, for example, Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity (1944). Also, Turner seems to truly love Garfield, as opposed to just using him to get rid of an unwanted husband (although of course she does want to get rid of her husband; what femme fatale worth her salt doesn’t?).

A little less steamy, a lot more evil. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Maybe we should watch Double Indemnity next, if we decide to go for a third movie instead of switching over to Snapped, which used to be our Sunday afternoon staple (speaking of evil females).  Right now we are enjoying Sunset Boulevard, a rather atmospheric Gothic.

She is magnificent in the part.

I read Gloria Swanson’s autobiography.  I think it is funny she is so well known for playing this psychotic has-been, obsessing over her past career, when in reality, Swanson was a vibrantly alive woman, always looking for the next challenge.  I guess my take-away from today’s movies is I shall follow the lead not of the femme fatale nor the psychotic has-been, but of the real life Gloria Swanson.  What is the next challenge?  I guess to make a better blog post.  I’ll work on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I haven’t even mentioned the meal I fixed earlier.  Oh, I guess it wasn’t such a much.  I made mini meatballs using some ground beef, Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan cheese, eggs, garlic and spices.  While they baked, I grated mozzarella cheese.  Then I made a flat bread pizza with Dom Peppino’s Pizza Sauce (that’s is what my Mom and Dad use on their Christmas Eve pizza), canned mushrooms, and of course the meatballs and mozzarella.  It was quite delicious.

We are having a rather enjoyable Sunday, whether we go on to see another movie or tune in to Snapped.  I can only hope my good mood lasts till Monday.


Wrist to Forehead Sunset Boulevard

“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

And earlier she just says, “I’m ready.”  At no time does she say,  “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille,” as I have heard many people quote.

We just watched Sunset Boulevard for perhaps the 8,467th time (I just made that number up, it’s probably a lot fewer than that).  Usually I like to spend my Wrist to Forehead Sunday watching crime shows, most notably Snapped. Sometimes we mix it up a little by watching movies.

It was not always that way, if I may be forgiven a short detour down Memory Lane.  There was a time when I was quite burnt out from my Monday through Friday job and Sunday was a very sad day for me.  The saddest sound on that sad day was the ticking clock on 60 Minutes.  My solution in those days was to watch movies all day, so I would not be constantly reminded what day it was.

These days I do not find Sunday to be so terrible (see? Detour over).  For one reason, Steven only works till 1 p.m. if at all, so we get to spend the afternoon together.

Why then, one might reasonably ask, is it so often Wrist to Forehead Sunday?  My first impulse is to answer, “It just is, leave me alone.”  However, since I am trying to get a blog post out of this, perhaps I could attempt a better explanation.

I think my problem is that I get very little done during the week.  On the weekend, I have two whole days to make myself useful.  Write, clean, organize, cook, and, oh yes, have Mohawk Valley adventures to write about in the blog.  Why in the world would I think I can get all that stuff done in two days? It is especially silly of me to think it when I have the experience of many previous weekends when I did not get stuff done.

And yet, I keep hoping.  I tell myself that I KNOW I won’t get EVERYTHING done. I find it not unreasonable to suppose that I might possibly get SOMETHING done.   It becomes a little wrist-to-forehead-inducing when I do not.

Then again, is not the purpose of one’s days off to relax and renew?  I spent some time relaxing.  And is it not of great importance to me to spend time with my most beloved husband?  I certainly enjoyed watching Sunset Boulevard, especially watching for the famous quote.

I did, in fact, get a few things done.  Some laundry, the dishes, cooked one dinner, typed up character sheets for that murder mystery I’ve been talking about. And two blog posts.  This is the second one.  Happy Sunday, everyone.

We’re going to watch Network next.