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Blog Before Bed

I didn’t see any hump.

I do enjoy a four day week after a three day weekend. Those of you who work weekends and holidays, don’t hate on me. Hate on the people who don’t have to go to work at all! Just kidding. It is not good to hate on anything, even lima beans (yuck!) (incidentally, autocorrect changed “lima” to “Liam.” Who could hate on Liam Neeson? Dat’s crazy talk!).

In case you haven’t noticed, this is going to be one of my foolish posts. I just wanted to post tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I also already fixed my lunch. I might try to sleep in till five tomorrow. What a decadent thought!

Getting back to my four day week, I should feel happy that I have made it halfway through with so little problem. However, I am mostly noticing how once again I am getting very little done. This seems to be a recurring theme in my life as well as in this blog (then again, it is a blog about my life, so what do I expect?) (And why does autocorrect officiously change “lima” to “Liam” but let a legitimate typo like “expevt” stand?).

I feel it is good to keep foolish posts short, so I will sign off now. Counting this morning’s post as Tuesday, I am up to three days in a row!


Just Writing Another Late Post

Yes, I did it again.  I failed to make my blog post on the day intended.  That’s two days in a row I did that,  although I suppose regular readers noticed that. I am going through a really rotten writing period (oh how I wished I could think of a word with an “r” sound to be alliterative!).

The answer, of course,  is to Write, Just Write. If I can’t write one thing, I can try something else, as long as I am getting words on paper or screen. So here I am, getting words on screen.  Good words?  Entertaining words?  I don’t ask for miracles.  I just write.

I scrolled through my Media Library twice looking for these pictures

We had a very nice Sunday with deck sitting before it rained followed by a few good movies.  We had a mini Judith Anderson film festival, with And Then There Were None and Laura. Then we continued the murder theme with Columbo.  We only have one season of on DVD.  I would like to have the entire series.

I don’t remember this shot from the movie, but it is a good picture of Anderson.


This one is from Laura..

I always say this is the real love story in the picture, and I don’t think I spoil anything by saying that, in case you never saw the movie. By the way, if you never saw the movie, I highly recommend it.

Sorry, no pictures of Columbo,  although I thought I had one.  Anyways, this will have to do for my Sunday post.  On the brighter side, for me at any rate, this is a three day weekend.  Will I get anything useful done?  Will I have a Mohawk Valley adventure?  Will I make my Monday post on Monday?  For the answers to these and other questions,  stay tuned to Mohawk Valley Girl.


Middle-aged Musings on a Not Real Monday

Happy Labor Day, everybody!  I am still feeling a giddy, feet-shuffling delight that I have a three-day weekend.  Many years of retail, army then retail rendered me quite jaded regarding Monday (and other day) holidays.  I have had Labor Day off since 2011 and it still feels wonderful to me.

Oh, I KNOW other people will never get Monday holidays off, most notably police, firemen, medical workers and other important folks.  Also those of less gratifying work such as retail and fast-food (at least, I was never particularly gratified by working in these fields; perhaps others feel differently).  Why do I feel guilty about being so happy about having a three-day weekend?  I have worked plenty of Monday holidays!  Many people other than me have Monday holidays and other days off that I don’t have.  I suppose I am more susceptible to guilt.  Perhaps it would benefit me to stop taking so seriously what other people say.

I guess I am not letting the guilt take away all my pleasure in my unusual Monday off.  I ran this morning (after first having coffee; I meant to write a blog post about it, oops). Steven,who, quite surprisingly, has today off (he worked the weekend), fixed a lovely breakfast.  We have been watching movies since about noon. It has been a MARVELOUS day.  If only I had written a blog post earlier and, you know,written a better blog post, my life would be perfect.

However, one publishes what one can.  We’ll call this a Monday Middle-aged Musings and drive on.



Zen and the Art of Lame Post Friday

Friday just is.

And explanation of that first sentence.   I was about to write a complete sentence then thought, “Oh hell, I’ll just make my blog post later.”  I didn’t realize WordPress had saved it till I logged back in and saw I had an untitled draft.  Naturally I clicked Edit.  At first it looked as if WordPress had saved a blank screen, and I said, “How appropriate.”   Then the above sentence fragment appeared, and I kind of liked it.

The second paragraph was composed on our tablet, you know, one letter at a time with the stylus, till the word I want appears above the keyboard.

Now I’m back on the laptop.  Aaahhhh…  I still don’t have anything to say, but it sure is a lot quicker to ramble on. The first sentence was going to be a reflection that Friday is different when it is the end of a vacation week.  Then I thought, well, duh. I have spent most of today reminding myself that this is still a three day weekend for me.  If I had worked all week and was at the beginning of a three day weekend, I’d be pretty damn happy, wouldn’t I?  Well, then.

So  I am reasonably content with my lot in life tonight.  Three more days till I return to the beastly grind, which, as I may have said, is not particularly beastly nor even grind-like.  I am actually feeling kind of zen about it.  I guess somebody who knows a lot about zen would tell me I am misusing the expression quite disgracefully. I did read a book about zen once:  Zen and the Art of Archery, I think it was, no idea who wrote it.  My cello teacher recommended it to me. She was kind of a weirdo, although I remember being quite impressed with her when I was a high school student.

What I mean by “feeling kind of zen” is, the first sentence sounds oddly appropriate to me.  Then again, perhaps the blank screen would have been better.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  I must get back to enjoying my three day weekend.


I Confess to Some Distress

Is it Lame Post Friday or Wrist to Forehead Friday? I confess to feeling some distress. But here’s some half-baked philosophy, in which I delight to indulge on Lame Post Friday: it rarely works to think “I ought to feel happy!”

Sometimes you can really jinx yourself earlier in the week by thinking, “I am going to be so happy on Friday.” It doesn’t have to be Friday. “I will be so happy when BLANK happens.” “When I am thin.” “When I finish that novel” (like that one’s going to happen any time soon). “When I am married.”

Wait a minute. I am married and in fact I am rather foolishly happy about it. Strike that last one.

My point is, I don’t think things necessarily MAKE us happy. Oh, I can hear the rude people saying now, “Well, DUH, everybody knows THINGS can’t make us happy.” Is that so? Then why did I see YOU wheeling around the local big box store with a cartload of crap?

Anyways, I’m not talking about objects. I thought I would be ecstatically happy on Friday because I have a three day weekend. Instead, I felt happy on Monday, because I knew that the three-day weekend was coming. That feeling lasted till the end of the work day, when I thought, “Crap! I still have four more days to get through!” Then I laughed at myself.

And that brings us to a philosophy of life which I have held for a while now: It is quite possible that nothing good will ever happen. BUT something funny will happen to make you laugh. Put another way: you can laugh or you can cry. Might as well laugh.

I think I’m in a better mood now. I’m going to get on with my weekend.