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Is This Not a Lame Blog Post?

Hello and welcome to another Lame Post Friday post. Full disclosure: I am feeling particularly lame and brain dead this evening. However, I have had enough late posts lately, and there is no guarantee I will be any less brain dead in the morning.

I think I am finally going to have a weekend of NOT running around doing stuff. Of course a lot of the stuff I do is fun, or supposed to be (after all, everything can’t live up to expectations). It is supposed to be dangerously cold tomorrow, and we plan to spend the day at home not getting frost bite.

Hmmm…. It seems I plan a negative weekend: not running around, not getting frost bite. I wonder what else I will not do. There is a good chance I will not clean my house. I will probably not go running, because, you know, frost bite. I feel certain I will not fight with my husband, because I almost never do. I will not stream any videos, because I do not know how.

Those are things I might have been reasonably expected to do. Now I am thinking I should mention a few silly things. I will not enter a beauty pageant. I will not try to get a suntan.

I will not make any more foolish blog posts? No promises.


To the Play!

There I was at work (on a break, that is), writing my Friday Lame Post, and I thought it was going rather well. Then I realized I had written something extremely similar already. I was mortified.

And then I couldn’t really think of anything better to write, because I got a headache. Not a bad one, but I didn’t like it. So instead of thinking about my blog, I plotted how I could get out of going to the play at Ilion Little Theatre, which Steven and I had planned to attend. We can’t go on Saturday, because we have been invited to a party. We will probably be too tired on Sunday.

At the end of the day, I told my co-worker (who had earlier that day heard my weekend plans) that I would go to the play on Sunday.

“You will not. You’ll be too hungover from the party. You won’t go see that play at all!” He felt quite confident in his prediction.

Long story short (I know: too late): here I sit, showered, dressed and ready to go. Play tonight. Party tomorrow. Blog post in between.

Short post for now.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.