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World’s Dumbest Questions

I really hate to have a Wuss-out Wednesday right after a Tired Tuesday, and yet, here I am. I neglected to find out more information about the local business I was at Tuesday so am not inclined to do that post yet. It was too cold and windy to take Tabby for a walk, so yet another Pedestrian Post is out.

I suppose this means I’m always up for a post about Why I Can’t Write a Post Today.

I actually had started writing a whole post in my head while I was at work today. It would have done for a Mid-week Middle-aged Musing. Then when I sat down to put it on paper, I hesitated. For one thing, there seemed to be two or three different points I could make. Not usually a problem and when it is, it seems to me it’s a good problem to have. You can get multiple blog posts out of that problem. So what was my problem? Let’s just blame it on my wussy mood.

In the meantime, I want to finish this post quickly, because my favorite TV show, World’s Dumbest, is on at six. Oh, I can just hear it now: “What’s more important here, writing a decent blog post or watching a stupid TV show?” That is a good question, I’ll admit. I can’t even argue that it is not a stupid TV show. That is part of its charm.

My answer to the question is another question (don’t you just hate it when somebody answers a question with another question?): Why can’t I do both? Ooh, and here’s another question to answer the first question: Are the majority of my blog posts decent, even when I do not have a TV show to watch? And the final question of the post: Do I really want to hear the answer to that last question?

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