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Is It Really Lame Post Friday?

It is that awkward moment on a Friday when I do not even feel capable of a Lame Post Friday post.  On the one hand, I do not care.  We are having a FUN evening, drinking wine and watching television.  On the other hand, I feel guilty, because I am a supposedly daily blogger.  I have committed myself to publishing something at least mildly entertaining every day.  Can I do so today?  We shall see.

Earlier this week I posed a philosophical question I find appropriate to today’s post:  Do I cut myself too many breaks?  I am going to go out on a limb and say NO.  Not most of the time.

Obviously,  one could argue this.  One could argue that I deserve no breaks at all.  After all, if I was given no breaks, I would be obligated to make a decent post each and every day.  It is quite possible that I am indeed capable of such behavior.  By cutting myself said breaks, I am willfully keeping myself from living up to my full potential as a blogger.

There are a number of arguments against this stance.  The main one that attracts my present attention is:  Is living up to my potential as a daily blogger really such a worthy goal?

Of course there are a number of other arguments to consider.  For example,  how many breaks do I deserve?  If I did not cut myself any breaks, would I in fact live up to my full potential as a daily blogger?   Am I in fact capable of never cutting myself a break? What in fact is my full potential as a daily blogger?

OK, it is fairly clear that I can continue to ask any number of questions.  I have read the advice that it is OK to ask questions in writing,  but one should immediately go on to answer them.  Do I always follow advice?  We know I do not.  Was it even good advice?  That is a question deserving of its own Friday Lame Post.



Questioning Lame Post Friday

Points to ponder on Lame Post Friday:  Why are pickled cucumbers called pickles, but pickled everything else is called pickled whatever it is?

No, don’t answer.  It is a point to PONDER, not a topic for discussion.  Here’s another:  which kind of person is more annoying: the kind who ask questions they do not want answered or the kind who invariably answer a question with another question?  You can answer that one, as long as you do not answer it with another question.

Oh all right, you can answer the first question too.  You can even answer that one with another question if you’d like.

As you may guess, my fogginess of brain continues, with a little headache added to it, but you’ll have that during allergy season.  At least I’ll have that.  And complain about it, but that’s something you can find all year long from any number of people.  Another point to ponder:  Do you suppose it is true that the more you complain the longer God lets you live?  It is what my sister says. One of the things she says.  She says a lot (I come from a talkative family).

Tomorrow I have several Mohawk Valley adventures planned, which I hope to write blog posts about.  Maybe I can even have enough adventures that I will have a real post a week from today instead of another Lame Post Friday.  And this leads us to a final point to ponder:  Will my dear readers get tired of my silliness and impatient with my ridiculous posts?  You can answer that one, too.  It might be useful information for me to know.



But Is It a Profitless Post?

I have two let-myself-off-the-hook features for Monday:  Middle-aged Musings Monday and Monday Mental Meanderings.  Well, today I feel that I have no mental facilities for musingn or yet meandering.  This often happens to me (you may have noticed).  And yet, I never let it stop me from making a post daily.  Sometimes I wonder if that is really the best thing to do, but in general I find such questions profitless.

Ooh, that might be something to ponder on a Monday:  profitless questions.  Why do we continue to ask them?  Because we want answers?  Because we want that frisson of superiority that comes from asking somebody a question they cannot answer?  That second motive is not very praise-worthy.  However, some people, it must be admitted, get their jollies by trying to make others look stupid.  Incidentally, anybody who is thinking to try that shit on me, be advised, it’s no great feat to make me look stupid; I do it all the time myself.

Here is a better query:  What makes a question profitless?  The fact that it cannot be answered? Philosophers everywhere would disagree.  They LOVE asking unanswerable questions.  They do not find them profitless (although I’m not sure there is a whole lot of profit in philosophy; I don’t really know about these things).

I think what makes a question profitless is that the answer, if there is one, doesn’t do you a whole lot of good. For example, in many cases the question “How did this happen?” is not nearly as useful as “What do I do now?”  The question, “Should I continue to make a daily blog post even if I have nothing in particular to say?” is quite profitless, because I intend to keep posting every day no matter how one answers.  So there.

And this is today’s post.  Happy Monday, everyone.


Hypothetically Blogging

I’ve got it! Monday Mental Meanderings. This is my new feature. It replaces Monday Middle-aged Musings, which I have mentioned I don’t particularly like. But who could dislike mental meanderings? Oh, I suppose somebody could. Well, that unpleasant hypothetical person does not have to read this.

Here’s a contradiction I just noticed about myself. I hate hypothetical questions yet I constantly have conversations with hypothetical critics. I say they are imaginary conversations (usually arguments) with people in my head (or is that conversations in my head with imaginary people?), but I’m pretty sure they are also hypothetical. Wait a minute. I was just about to embark on a diatribe against hypothetical questions when it occurred to me that I may have already published such a thing. A pause while I check.

A cursory check of past posts revealed nothing. So I continue. I hate hypothetical questions because they usually assume the impossible. “Your house is on fire. All family and pets are saved. You have time to go back and save one object. What do you save?” That’s RIDICULOUS! You don’t go back into a burning house and save one object! That’s asking for death! “Yeah,” says the questioner, “but if you could?”

“YOU CAN’T!!!” I repeat.

Then there’s my favorite (I can’t believe I never put this in a blog post before, but I don’t mind repeating myself): “If you could invite any three people, living or dead to dinner, who would you invite?” For God’s sake, I can’t invite three people who live in this town to dinner and count on them all being able to make it on the same night, never mind the Nobel prize winners or movie stars people usually answer this question with. However, my answer to the question is, “I would invite three dead people, because they wouldn’t eat too much. They also wouldn’t talk too much. It is a well-known fact that dead men tell no tales.”

BUT, one may argue, what if somebody asked you a hypothetical question that did NOT assume the impossible?

Waaaait a minute! Did a hypothetical person just ask me a hypothetical question? I just told you, Homey don’t play that!

Here is a non-hypothetical question: What does anybody think about Monday Mental Meanderings?

World’s Dumbest Questions

I really hate to have a Wuss-out Wednesday right after a Tired Tuesday, and yet, here I am. I neglected to find out more information about the local business I was at Tuesday so am not inclined to do that post yet. It was too cold and windy to take Tabby for a walk, so yet another Pedestrian Post is out.

I suppose this means I’m always up for a post about Why I Can’t Write a Post Today.

I actually had started writing a whole post in my head while I was at work today. It would have done for a Mid-week Middle-aged Musing. Then when I sat down to put it on paper, I hesitated. For one thing, there seemed to be two or three different points I could make. Not usually a problem and when it is, it seems to me it’s a good problem to have. You can get multiple blog posts out of that problem. So what was my problem? Let’s just blame it on my wussy mood.

In the meantime, I want to finish this post quickly, because my favorite TV show, World’s Dumbest, is on at six. Oh, I can just hear it now: “What’s more important here, writing a decent blog post or watching a stupid TV show?” That is a good question, I’ll admit. I can’t even argue that it is not a stupid TV show. That is part of its charm.

My answer to the question is another question (don’t you just hate it when somebody answers a question with another question?): Why can’t I do both? Ooh, and here’s another question to answer the first question: Are the majority of my blog posts decent, even when I do not have a TV show to watch? And the final question of the post: Do I really want to hear the answer to that last question?

Lighthearted Musings

Oh dear.

It is Monday. I only need to do a Middle-aged Musings Monday. How hard can it be? I’m middle-aged. Almost any thought can masquerade as a muse. Um, this is “muse” the verb, as in to think about or ponder, not “Muse” the mythical creature who inspires art. I don’t know if I’ve ever made that clear.

Be that as it may, I did have some rather important thoughts today. I feel they are too important to write about off the cuff, as I am doing. I must think some more, write, think, edit, etc. Or leave it right alone. After all, this is a lighthearted blog.

Ah, here’s a thought I can muse about: just because I write a lighthearted blog, am I a lighthearted person? Or am I merely masquerading as one, because it’s fun to write a lighthearted blog? Is it better to be lighthearted than serious? Am I straying into half-baked philosophy, which more properly belongs on Lame Post Friday?

Because I’ve read that in writing you should answer any questions you ask, I will attempt to reply to the above paragraph. No, yes, yes, yes. Just kidding; the answers are more complicated than that.

I am not always a lighthearted person. I suffer from depression, which is a heavy hearted malady. However, I have lighthearted moments and I appreciate lightheartedness. Therefore, I am not masquerading necessarily but merely emphasizing one aspect of my personality more than another. Whether it is better to be lighthearted than serious depends upon the situation.

OK, the last question is not complicated: yes, half-baked philosophy belongs on Lame Post Friday. It often intrudes on other days, because it is my favorite kind.

And now I have written over 250 words and I call that respectable for a Monday. Let’s get on with the week.

Questionable Musings

Middle-aged Musings Monday is just about what I’m up to today.

Oh, I don’t feel too bad. I’m actually reasonably content with my lot in life today. For one thing, if I can just get through the week, I have a three day weekend. And Monday off makes next week only a four day week. Talk about a win/win!

But to get on with the musings, lately I’ve been alternately musing on and beating myself up over the fact that at this late date I still don’t have my act together. I’ve written posts about this before. It should surprise no one that writing these posts has been no help in the getting together of said act.

I marvel at my continued capacity to Just Not Do Things. For example, daily stretches to minimize my recurring back pain. Every couple of days I think, “Oh yeah, I was going to start doing those stretches every day. That would be a good idea.” Do I sit right down and start stretching? Do I even set a time to plan to do them in the near future? You can guess the answers to these questions.

Oh, but that reminds me of something else I’ve been musing about lately that I find more interesting than my ongoing tribulations: I HATE it when people don’t answer a question but instead make a remark calculated to convince you that you are an utter idiot for asking.

I used to have a rather nasty college professor whose favorite response was to look at you as if nothing could exceed her pity for such stupidity and say, “I think you can answer that question for yourself.”

I can just hear people with higher self-esteem than mine piping up with remarks such as, “As your professor, it was her job to challenge you,” and, “Didn’t you learn more by finding the answer yourself than by her just feeding it to you?” and, of course, “Well, you probably could answer the question for yourself.”

My response to these arguments is to realize that the world is just chock full of people who delight in trying to make me feel even more stupid. Well, you needn’t feel so pleased with yourselves; it isn’t that hard to do.

A favorite answer of army sergeants to questions they don’t feel like answering is, “Well, that’s where common sense comes in.” I always wanted to say, “In other words, you don’t know either,” but you want to watch how snarky you get with people who outrank you.

It is really no wonder that I got into the habit of prefacing questions with, “This is probably a stupid question.” The pat response to that, of course, is, “There are no stupid questions,” or “The only stupid question is the one not asked.” If this is truly the case (and I like to think it is), why do so many people not just answer the damn question?

I had one platoon sergeant who would say, “There are no stupid questions, only stupid people with questions.” This did not offend me, because at that time in my life especially (as, I confess, at many other times), I spent a good portion of every day feeling stupid. Also in his defense, he would usually answer the question.

I wonder if my low self-esteem and perception of myself as stupid have anything to do with my inability to get my act together. This is surely a point to ponder. I will not phrase it in the form of a question, however, because I have a pretty good idea of what some people would say.