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A Classy Dinner

Steven and I used to eat dinner out more frequently, often so that I would have a topic for a blog post. Unfortunately, we have fallen out of the habit. I think the last time we went was over a month ago, for Steven’s birthday. When our friend, Tracy, visited last weekend, I thought it might be time to go out again.

We decided to go to the Herkimer Elks Lodge, where they serve dinner on Friday nights. As I told Tracy, I think it used to be a Friday Fish Fry, but now it is — no offense to all you real fish fries — classier. The food is by Dominick Scalise of Dominick’s Deli and there is a pretty good menu to pick from.

We found a good parking space right on Mary Street. I didn’t notice if the parking lot was completely full, but it may well have been. These dinners are popular. On the way in Steven purchased tickets for a raffle they were holding.

We were taken right to a table and given menus to peruse. I went into the bar to get a glass of wine. That is another good thing about eating at the Elks, good drink prices. The bartender even let me sample a little of the Riesling, to make sure it was dry enough for me (it was).

Tracy ordered salmon, which looked delicious. I chose baked haddock, which was quite tasty. Under no Catholic obligation to avoid meat, Steven had pork chops, his favorite. The service was great and the food was yummy.

We greatly enjoyed our evening out, and even took home leftovers (so I got to try the pork chops — excellent). The Elks Lodge is located at 124 Mary St., Herkimer, NY. Phone number is 315-866-1439.

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