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I Got My Mojo Back

Well, it is either Wrist to Forehead Sunday or another edition of All DARE 5K All The Time. I say DARE. For one reason, I ran today and it went pretty well. As I type this, my wrist is inclined to be on my forehead or at least my head in my hands, but I prefer not to dwell on my ills.

I almost did not run today. I apologize in advance if this gives you an unfortunate mental image, but my sports bras have rubbed the skin on my left side raw. I know, I need some new sports bras. In the meantime I have been putting lots of Medicated Power (generic Goldbaum’s) on my skin before I run. After yesterday’s long run, I had some major sore spots. I thought taking a day to heal might be a good thing.

After two cups of coffee and pondering my shower plans, I thought, oh, a short, easy run would not be bad. I could give myself a preview of running NOT up the hill to Herkimer County Community College (HCCC), which will be my reward for completing the DARE 5K. So I ran.

It was eight in the morning when I finally set out. Not too warm yet. My ideal running temperature is upper 40s/lower 50s, but I can rock 61 degrees, which is what my thermostat told me the outside temperature was. This would be fine. I might even experience some of those endorphins or whatever it was yesterday that made me feel so good.

It felt pretty fine to start running. I had put a large band-aid (purchased for just such a purpose) over the sore area with lots of powder. I tried to run without too much arm movement. This would work. Maybe I could even run up to HCCC. Maybe the back way.

As I ran, however, I began to ponder my time constraints. I needed to be back home before Steven left for work at 8:50. For one reason, I couldn’t count on him remembering to leave the door unlocked. And I had to figure in my 10 to 12 minuted cool-down walk. This could be tricky. Then I remembered it was to be a short, easy run. Twenty minutes would be OK, 30 minutes tops.

I turned into Brookfield Park, which I used to refer to as the Unknown Park. That begins with a nice little hill. Nothing to worry about. The path is kind of worn out pavement/gravel with lots of rocks. I like to run on uneven surfaces. It adds interest to my run.

With my time constraints in mind, I only ran to the end of the park then back out the way I came and back home. As I ran back down German Street, I felt the same surge of happiness I had felt towards the end of yesterday’s run. “I LOVE running!” I thought. “Running is the BEST exercise EVER!” Oh, it is so nice to have my mojo back. I know there will still be runs when all I can do is persevere, but I so enjoy the runs that go well.

I ended up running 22 minutes. 22 is my favorite number, so that was nice. When Tabby graciously walked my cool-down walk with me, we met a neighbor and his little dog. I’ve seen the dog only from a distance. Tabby quickly made friends. Other dogs usually love Tabby.

Later on, Tabby and I took a walk to the Herkimer Police Department so I could register for the run. When I got home I started to feel ill with that lightheaded, sinusy crap that’s been bothering me for the last week and more. Oh well, I ran, I felt pretty good, and now it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I tell you, never a dull moment for Mohawk Valley Girl.

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