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One Hill, Three Dogs, Good Run

Well, I meant to make my Saturday Running Commentary post shortly after my run, but, as I pointed out yesterday, the best lame plans…  So here I am, hoping I remember some of the stuff I thought as I plodded along.  I was pleased with myself for running in the morning.  I had thought I might do it later in the day, perhaps on the mini-tramp while watching a DVD of a silent horror movie.  Then after a cup of coffee, I thought, what the hell?

It was still cool out, yet warm enough for me to wear shorts and a t-shirt.  My hands got cold, but you’ll have that (that is my go-to comforting thought, “you’ll have that”).  I had gone four days without running (don’t judge, unless you absolutely must be that way) (really, why should I tell somebody not to judge?  Isn’t that judging somebody for being judgemental?).  So I thought I may or may not go for 30 minutes, my last longest time.  And certainly not run up the hill to HCCC, although I could see fog in the distance, which would have been cool to look down on.  I thought the hill by Valley Health was more my speed.

As I plodded toward it, I felt I was not running well.  I felt more thunky than I usually do (my computer seems to think “thunky” is not a word, but I’m sure many readers find it as descriptive as I do).  No matter.  I was running and I intended to continue, at least for a good 20 minutes.  I made it up the hill and said good morning to a lady going to work at Valley Health.  Then I saw a guy getting at the open back of his SUV, looking at several plastic bags full of stuff.  He went grocery shopping, I thought.  Early morning is a good time to shop.  I did not say hello, because he seemed preoccupied.

After I came down the hill, I saw another person and thought I might say hello.  Then he started to walk away and I saw he had a dog.  I caught up with him when he paused at the corner, and he let me pet the dog.  She was a nice dog.  I crossed the street and ran by the high school then across the little bridge over the brook.  I like that little bridge.  On the other side, I met another nice dog to pet.  The lady with him warned he might jump, but that doesn’t bother me.  I like dogs.

A little later I saw another cute dog, but he was pooping at the time, so I did not ask to pet him.  I didn’t want to interrupt his business.  I was looking at my watch and wondering which streets to go down and how long to run.  Eventually I headed towards Meyers Park.  I like to run in Meyers Park, and it is close to my house.  I was already over 20 minutes, so I was pleased enough with myself.

After running into and out of the park, I met a neighborhood dog with his person.

“Is that my friend, Rocky?” I asked.

“It is!”  the lady answered.  “He’s pretty dirty.”

That didn’t bother me any more than the jumping dog did. I was pretty sweaty and unclean myself.

My run ended up being 30 minutes.  I felt pretty terrific as I did my cool-down walk.  I will NOT wait another four days before I run again!


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  1. I used to run. I was very fast! Now, I walk faster than I run. But, I can walk pretty fast! I have to wonder if running is such a natural state for us humans. I know a lot of people who run for exercise, but most of them hate and dread it! Power walk, for the win, I say!


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