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A Saturday at Home

I have allowed it to become rather late in the day to make my Saturday blog post.  I know, I should have made a Saturday Running Commentary post earlier.  Then I walked to the post office with my weekly post cards, making a Pedestrian Post completely eligible.  Later yet, my husband, Steven, and I watched a few movies.  Saturday Cinema is not usually a thing, but it could be.

What today really was was Day One of the Quackenbush Quarantine,  as Steven dubbed it on Facebook yesterday.  I know, almost everyone is under quarantine,  but how many of us can be alliterative about it?  Yet another blessing for me to count.

Really, as things go, I have very little to complain about (not that THAT ever stops me!).  I am grateful for all my blessings and concerned for those that lack same.  I ask myself, what can I do to help?  One thing I did was to write more than my usual number of post cards.  I figure as we’re all stuck inside, not visiting anybody or gathering at the usual places,  a little personal mail would be welcome.

Next I hope to use my at home time to get my house together and to do more writing.  I am thinking about a new novel to start, one I may actually finish.  Then maybe I can dig out and finish the plays I have almost completed.

Oh, such ambitious plans!  Who knows but what I will do is go on more runs and watch more movies?  At least I will write a blog post about whatever I do.  Happy Corona Saturday, everyone.



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