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Not Useful But Perhaps Entertaining

Yes, my days are blurring one into another, as the Quackenbush Quarantine (as my husband Steven dubbed it) continues.  And yet I will indulge in Lame Post Friday.  For one reason, it is difficult to make a post that is not at least somewhat lame these days.  If I was a more talented and imaginative writer, my posts would be better, and here we come to the ugly truth about me.

But never mind that.  Let me just make a blog post and try to be as entertaining as possible while I do it.

Quarantine hair and turkey neck, what’s a blogger to do?

This morning I tried to make a mask from a sock, using a recipe I got from Facebook.  I was not impressed with my results, but of course I took a picture, for the amusement of others.  I may not be a particularly useful sort of person, but at least I am good for a laugh.

At least I am trying to do something to shield my fellow human beings from whatever germs I may have.  I try to stay home as much as possible and to keep my distance when I do go out.  But this is nothing new and entertaining to add to my Lame Friday Post.  What can I add in the categories of random observations and half-baked philosophy?

I guess I got nuthin’. This is nothing unusual.  However, I am over 200 words.  A lame post is best kept short.  Will I come up with something better for Saturday?  Time will tell.  Time is certainly a blabbermouth (a joke I have made before,  but I am rather proud of it).  Happy Friday, all.


Dressing Up My House for the Occasion

Yesterday I started a home improvement project I hope to add to in the coming days.  I saw on the news that some people were decorating their houses for the amusement of passersby.  This is especially helpful, the feeling is, as we are free to take solitary walks but must not actually visit our neighbors.  Full disclosure: my neighbors have almost never visited me, although they are certainly welcome to do so in better times.  That said, I know various pedestrians pass our humble abode, and I am happy to give them something extra to look at.

The view from across the street.

When Steven saw me coming down from the attic laden with various stuff, he said, “What are you doing?”  However, he approved of the project.  I put a Christmas ribbon and some tulips on Frankentree.

I think I need more stuff.

I put two scarecrows, a pumpkin, and a skull on the porch,.

I need to zoom in more.


And on the other side of the tree…

I hope to add to my porch in the coming days.  I think I have more stuff in my house, but I do not rule out a trip to the dollar store.  For one reason, I heard they have toilet paper.

Another thing is putting stuffed toys in your window, so neighborhood kids can go on safari.  I immediately put a tiger and lamb in one of my windows.  Alas, I could not get a good picture of them.

Too many reflections!

I also put a couple of teddy bears in an upstairs window.  Unfortunately it is raining so I cannot get any more pictures today.  However, it is a work in progress.  I will post more pictures as my decorations improve.  As always,  I hope you’ll stay tuned.


A Saturday at Home

I have allowed it to become rather late in the day to make my Saturday blog post.  I know, I should have made a Saturday Running Commentary post earlier.  Then I walked to the post office with my weekly post cards, making a Pedestrian Post completely eligible.  Later yet, my husband, Steven, and I watched a few movies.  Saturday Cinema is not usually a thing, but it could be.

What today really was was Day One of the Quackenbush Quarantine,  as Steven dubbed it on Facebook yesterday.  I know, almost everyone is under quarantine,  but how many of us can be alliterative about it?  Yet another blessing for me to count.

Really, as things go, I have very little to complain about (not that THAT ever stops me!).  I am grateful for all my blessings and concerned for those that lack same.  I ask myself, what can I do to help?  One thing I did was to write more than my usual number of post cards.  I figure as we’re all stuck inside, not visiting anybody or gathering at the usual places,  a little personal mail would be welcome.

Next I hope to use my at home time to get my house together and to do more writing.  I am thinking about a new novel to start, one I may actually finish.  Then maybe I can dig out and finish the plays I have almost completed.

Oh, such ambitious plans!  Who knows but what I will do is go on more runs and watch more movies?  At least I will write a blog post about whatever I do.  Happy Corona Saturday, everyone.